Let Shanghai dragon ER annual income increased 10 times investment (on)

– other long-term learning investment, financial investment etc…….

recently, see a lot of Shanghai dragon ER has been a headache how long should I spend in Shanghai dragon, then Xiao Xian to all of you wrote about time management articles, we hope Shanghai dragon ER effective time management and time investment, become a time Master


– ranking analysis

Shanghai dragon began to analyze on their website ranking and ranking of competitors, including the investigation out of the top 10 companies, the first page to optimize the search engine in the chain where the.


although these things are very important, but we often ignore such as Shanghai dragon, often stay up to 12 points for the administrators of Shanghai love sleep convenient links and early in the morning to catch it. This is because, even today do not exercise, do not get sick tomorrow, today is not learning, tomorrow can not be fired or salaries. But now there are a number of Shanghai dragon has emerged diseases such as cervical spondylosis and periarthritis of shoulder. This will give you a wake-up call, so Xiao Xian hope that we should increase investment in this area, a reasonable allocation of time, for a time Master.

– keep Shanghai dragon ER family reunion and exchanges, enrich life etc..

– Shanghai dragon knowledge learning, social practice, such as investment and

said first III Investment of time, because although does not have the urgency, but the future can play the role of saving time, this time is called the "third investment time"

I consumption time (urgent and important)

of the investment of time (not urgent but important)

can find out competitors in the chain which he sent, where you can send the chain where, in a period of time can take the surpassing strategy. The so-called surpassing, it refers to the enterprise of its products, "

the first statement of Shanghai dragon ER how to manage the time:

after that of the investment of time, then introduces second important "of consumption time" Shanghai dragon spend time in all kinds of work in order to obtain the reward and complete, for example:

for self improvement

– should be timely exercise, enhance physical strength, maintain a healthy body, can ensure that the Shanghai dragon has enough energy to work.


spent not urgent but important things on time, is an important part to improve time management. This time "III Investment of time these things include:

if you do Shanghai optimization, can be in love inside the Shanghai input, for example: domain:www.****贵族宝贝

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