QQ type of website how to do promotional work

, through the QQ group promotion

this time, I have been doing the QQ type portal website is the main variety of personality QQ talk about content, scale is very large, there are sad, talk about love, about the mood to talk about it and so on, the beginning is optimized by means of Shanghai dragon to get traffic, but later feel the production of the target word and the long tail word to get traffic is too single, so I think the next and the actual feeling, with the network promotion way to promote your web site effect is good, of course, also see the other competitors in this way, in fact, this promotion means to do outside the chain of no difference, just the promotion of content have great difference, and the user is very love content, following by the author with the exchange under the type of QQ is how to do The portal website promotion.

is a simple example: for example, the author joined in a certain QQ space family exchange group, the author came in first and then change the vest, group members and group with one or two days, and then after familiar with website promotion information inside the group, can be said to be lovers on welcome to our website, the website, courtesy must speak more, and a step by step to promote.

The two QQ, through the relevant promotion forum

remember the first time, many grassroots webmaster on the Internet to the construction site to make money, the construction site type is QQ type of portal entertainment website, that year playing QQ users are also very much, so the grassroots webmaster open type QQ website is also very profitable, can be linked to the network in the family advertising on the site, you can hang some pictures to click on the kind of advertising money, anyway, there are many ways to make the grassroots webmaster earn money. Today, QQ type of portal entertainment website has gone to the white hot stage, many competitors also lurk in the webmaster, do website promotion means is also increasing, slightly behind accidentally falls on others site, so the QQ type of website promotion is very important, of course, we can take the Shanghai dragon promotion means put temporarily, try other promotion methods.

first, promotion through the QQ group, as a fan of QQ, the majority of QQ lovers will join the QQ group, it is no doubt that the author is so over, so the author thinks that the integration of Web site to talk about QQ content within it and in the QQ group is very good, you can create your own group or join others in the group here, such as a variety of QQ space family communication group, Tencent other products exchange group, can be a QQ talk, QQ space, QQ log, QQ micro-blog and other related groups, if it is now into other groups to group inside and talk cooked in the release the promotion of the site information, which can greatly reduce the possibility of T.

then, by Q>

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