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on the website with the domain name can also greatly influence the overall optimization results to the site, if in the domain, you unfortunately picked up by K before the old domain name, then it will light in the domain of this problem greatly reduces the search engine on the website of the favorability, because these are too old before K domain name search engine has been pulled into the blacklist, the so-called "black history" will be long time retention, so when you unfortunately again using the domain name, there will be many involved, so in the domain, it is necessary to detect and analyse the selected domain name, risk to a minimum.


1, the domain name

source code is the main elements of the site, clear and concise code is the search engines love, like a potholed dirt road asphalt road and a the boundless plain, which would you choose? Similarly, those complex source code will be directly reduced to low favorability spider web site. So Xiaobian has stressed the need to keep the source code is simple and clear and smooth, so as to further promote frequently on the site to grab and included spider.

3, the website structure

believe that the webmaster have experienced all kinds of hardships to their own website, after the website has been to the site as soon as possible, is a spider grab included, but found that after a long time the site is still no improvement, there will inevitably be some disappointment, at a loss. If you exclude the sandbox problem, then that is the site itself has a problem, can lead to the site will not be included, after a period of time to summarize, I generally can be identified in several major causes of the share, the hope can help to you.

optimization over

4 source code,

2, website space

in the pre selected site space, in fact, a lot of people are not too concerned about, think this is not what the election to election, if you think so, you are completely mistaken, space is the first safeguard the normal operation of the site later, you think, if the space is not stable, so how could website normal operation? If your space and card speed slow, do you think the search engine spiders will love to your site to "watch"? Of course not, like user experience is not high web spider is the most taboo, not to mention the upgrade included and weight.

if the site of complex structure chaos, then the whole website is better, the overall impression is a word: chaos! So not to mention the user experience, search engines will be on your site by rejection, a disorderly disorderly site to allow people to see many three four, not to mention the spider to grab it included, so we propose a tree structure to station deployment, further search engine "preferences", so that the level of clear and concise, but also enable users to have a better browsing experience.

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