The site was restored the mentality of the most important distance K

do well a few stations, suddenly find all K off, a page is not left, almost all of the owners encounter such a situation is vacant. Blunder. The mood also fell to the bottom. Maybe there is a part of the owners believe that as long as we persist, the website will recover, but they also know, want to restore an K off site easier said than done. Even some webmaster to ten days, but found the website still shows no sign of recovery after 10 days, then the mood will become impatient. The author of several stations experienced an earthquake in June when overnight, all being K away, until September when it had just recovered but included, the snapshot still at the beginning of September, to be K off, the mood also insisted by receiving state turned to impetuous, can no longer keep a peace of mind to deal with K after the scene, there have been several times to give up. Perhaps it is because of a conversation with a friend, so I insist on down, finally ushered in the spring, the website not only restored included, and went straight to the front page ranking. In this regard, the author summed up the word: do in the station, especially need to be K off through the unremittingly! Return journey, summarizes several methods to do their own


attitude is one of the most important factors to do stand, is also the decisive factor in the success or failure of decision. Impetuous mentality can not solve the problem, muddle along mentality also can not solve the problem, especially the site is K off, the mentality of the influence is more reflected. Do the station is the fight is patience, if one thing every day, do ten times, to 100 days continue to do, don’t break, it will increase your peace of mind. Do not underestimate the 100 days to do the same thing, everyone knows that every day doing the same thing, even if the patient will be upset, so, if you can stick with it, it will elevate your patience to another level, when the site is K off, it will not appear. In the journey of recovery, analysis of problems in order to better place to find an antidote to rescue. After the K station has the deep understanding of the importance of the mentality of the

mentality, can see the spring on the

second, must insist that tomorrow is a good day!

First, the most important

! Insist! No matter what type you do stand by to win, who laughs last who is the biggest winner! So webmaster all know there is a saying: to do in the station! Especially the site is K off, adhere to optimize the normal method of the display can be more expensive. That is not the K site is regarded as a thing, not to be K website and worry, not the web is not like a normal K, so do the usual thing to do, usually do on how to do so, make your site in their own no cheating cases, easier to restore the site because, when you are not for the web site is K off in a hurry, this change the change caused by the search engine more hate this station, when the search engine found you >


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