The shopping website page layout should be how to set

finally, to guide customers consumption, in fact these are just a few very small, Zhang Yugan shared a little of his own experience. More about small details but also you >

with the rapid development of society, all for the sake of convenience, the Internet shopping has become a way of living. Online shopping has the advantages of high transparency, simple operation, time saving, buy a wide range, fast logistics. I believe most of the girls have the habit of online shopping. Let as a business how to let customers quickly find themselves in the vast Internet? Customers to access the site is the first page layout, by means of optimizing the layout to set can guide customers to click to buy, so as to promote consumption. The Fujian Shanghai dragon blog about shopping website page layout should be how to set up according to their own experience to

for product description, you can add some shopping messages, baby sales number, with the number of words! Data can represent everything, also can let customers buy more. After customers buy the products to highlight what function, more about the benefits of.

Keywords ?Different

for product detail page setup module features

webmaster know, offline store have special staff for your product details, when it comes to your satisfaction. Online shopping? Users will do for a detailed understanding of a product, if the product page is not enough to attract customers do not order. The store offline marketers often have to intervene, will say a lot of words with you, a piece of clothing to wear what? Just like angel, customers feel for their own beauty, what is worth, the last transaction is generated. So the webmaster to have creative spirit, known as a hot topic in today’s online shopping, can introduce some activities in the product pages, such as "5th anniversary fold audience", this is not very want to attract customers, do not buy it is difficult.

online Internet website. Don’t worry about rent, website has online customer service to the customer related problems, customers choose products – Single – complete.

as the saying goes, a good title is half a chance to list the title should be enough to attract people, let users have a strong desire to click.

layout must occur naturally, don’t let the customer feel deliberately accumulation keywords, effect. In the article can the position of the 1-2 times. Good keywords layout can bring good user experience to customers, natural are also more likely to list.

offline physical stores and online shopping site

1, the next line store, is the most prominent characteristics of a dedicated sales staff to customers about products, shop needs rental costs, customers choose something tangible.

website optimization of meta tag


general online shopping website customer service can guide customers, are very passive. This is online shopping for the layout of the page display is very important.

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