Analysis of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme and execution. From what aspects

3, web site structure analysis (such as DIV+CSS or table), static or not, whether URL is unity, the absolute path, site map, site directory depth and site navigation

analysis of web server IP, independent of whether or not the speed and security, whether it is right to drop (site:, included), Links quality, the number of the chain, the site update frequency, website included (note that this does not mean the number included but included percentage, if the site is only 50 pages included more than 45. That included percentage is very good, such as the Shanghai dragon 362 com this site later can continue to increase the high quality content)

Hello, my name is warsion, today and everyone together to discuss the Shanghai dragon diagnosis scheme and implementation scheme of Shanghai dragon how to write, mainly from what aspects, do Shanghai Longfeng friends have been studied and efficient to improve the keywords ranking, efficient and improve site traffic, effectively enhance the network marketing of Shanghai Longfeng auxiliary, the so-called real, think twice. Do not have the idea of Shanghai dragon has, on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, you don’t have to fear can also increase the efficiency.

site META tags (title, keywords, description, keywords layout, key >)

whether we took over a new website to Shanghai dragon service is ready to plan a new website of network marketing and network promotion by Shanghai dragon, know Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and implementation of the plan is very important here, said to the Shanghai dragon diagnosis we don’t think is narrow the site is down right so we need to do a diagnosis of salvage work on an existing web site for the keyword optimization or need to reach the target to flow from the existing Shanghai Dragon Phoenix optimization degree, in the station optimization and stood outside the chain of development can be done but many did not do a good job or situation can not do diagnostic analysis, which is a comprehensive analysis of Shanghai dragon can be executed after the diagnosis of an existing website The behavior of the stage, also can be in an upcoming build a new website from the site to the late Shanghai dragon optimization the process of obtaining target keywords ranking planning. The next major state of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and execution in the end how to do, the main writing program from which a few aspects.

keyword optimization space2,

1, to determine the site of target keywords, analysis of the degree of competition, the love of Shanghai keywords index, covering the long tail keywords. This step analysis on the later site of Shanghai Longfeng to help enhance the

for the first Shanghai dragon diagnosis program writing, warsion think mainly from the following aspects:


on a good web site has been established before the Shanghai dragon should analyze and diagnose, warsion individuals that are mainly in the following aspects:

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