n the construction of website code is written so that the correct way to open the Shanghai dragon!

at this point of view Shanghai dragon CSS, so it could not be better, but there are some sites afraid of some problems, the text uses font redefined attribute, in my opinion, this step is really no need to please, the function only needed one the program, compared to the re defined in each text, then the search engine spiders will be more in favor of CSS properties that define a one-time, so we still don’t superfluous.


site pages more, then certainly will use a large number of CSS and JS code, the code is too much will cause the search engine to grab more difficult, so we proposed a unified external call way for deployment, further streamlining the page code, then some will ask, how to do that in case of external calls the website has not failed? Waste? Like this problem can not be said that may not happen, but not by external calls, will greatly increase the web page loading speed, if the JS file is large, it would be even worse, the possibility of successful call is very small, the station deployment path is correct, no basic what’s the problem.

Now the

Shanghai Longfeng optimization know the basic operating principle of search engine spiders, first is to start the station information text crawl, so we often as far as possible to avoid file picture animation, because it may lead to the spider failed, it will greatly affect the whole website included and ranking, so in order to minimize the spider on the site to grab the difficulty, we should start from the page source code for deep optimization, so do not reduce the station under the condition of as much as possible to increase the station included here, so in the web page and what parts can be streamlined and optimized? Don’t worry, we analyze step by step.

In the

we usually said that in fact and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng writing is not a common understanding of what send the chain of all OK, in Zhengzhou website construction, key points about site optimization is very much, we need to do the work of Shanghai dragon Er is also very comprehensive, those who say only the hair of the chain is clearly untenable, can only say that they don’t really know Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon in the website optimization process, the technical level of the station will have a larger difference, with website optimization coverage more and more, and also requires us to master website source code to understand if the source code optimization, you still do not understand the page, then you have to consider this lesson!

If the

page source code, we are one of the most common is the comments, comments on, from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, this comment is totally unnecessary for users, naturally in the search engine will not be too much friendly, so we are in the construction site, it can be appropriate to reduce such comments, to streamline the source code.

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