Outside the chain of keywords ranking how much value

then how to say, the information content of the chain platform didn’t like the official website of the same, can have a large number of the company’s products or services related to the content of the information to the user reference check, but after reading this message is not below, although a lot of the chain will be in contact with different channels, but it is always difficult to make according to the user to chain the publisher left to come to your website or contact you, unless your content is very good and targeted, remind visitors to further understand your company’s desire.

which I said is for most enterprises station, because like some high traffic websites is a hot forum or well-known specialist most will have to maintain the chain of information released, can let the chain to maximize value.

chain is based on information and B2B sites, social media, or other media and made part of the ranking, and these types of information, if there is a large number of users click or a lot of people interact, update this information, unsurprisingly, not too much for ranking all these information will disappear not see. These sites every day new information, the new content will have the old poor no user demand information of value lower ranking, even included will not change.

3, outside the chain of poor user experience.

The Although the


1, keywords ranking stabilizing effect.

said everyone in the chain to tell the quality rather than the quantity, it is because a lot of people pushed the fierce cross network information constantly in the large chain platform copy paste, not to say how many people are actually a bother for how to make this information to let more visitors like the cloth content >

you still can send the chain how much trumpeted one day? If it is very glad to tell you that you are a rookie.

2, the chain of information poor drainage effect.

although I don’t want to admit, but the Shanghai dragon Mini blog master-slave knowledge experience, combined with the Internet and other news channels and information is a summary of the results: ranking the chain effect of these keywords is actually very limited.


keyword chain regardless of size heat will have Internet search, exposure rate of the chain is ordinarily these keywords than the official website ranking effect is so big, but also can bring more traffic and greatly increase the enterprise to enhance the visibility of products and brands. However, these ranked the chain effect and value has been following a strong basis to cut off half.

spent a lot of time and site outside the chain of information energy construction, finally some keywords high heat in love Shanghai natural rankings, with many industry website and other stations compete for a space for one person, it must have been very make people feel excited and a little sense of achievement. But the ranking keywords must have value, can bring traffic to the site to bring transformation to

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