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technology news September 5th morning news, recently, Beijing meters online Polytron Technologies Inc meters Music announced to the new board listed letter, this month will officially visit the capital market, this also means that the other leading meters music online music platform has become the first China music shares.

the "wrong" is how to stop investors exit

for the "wrong" investors, there are usually four ways to stop even the protection of the existing their income:

it is understood that in July this year, Chinese music group and Tencent to complete the digital music business with the music market, three world situation is thus broken, music, cool dog, cool has become one family, and occupy a large market share. In the music market layout has gradually become clear, the mobile music industry to take off the listing of single difficult, is evident. At the same time, Yue music in early this year has plans to list three new board, the successful listing, will become the first Chinese music stocks.

this statement is also true, you do not see the present enterprise PR draft, all like to emphasize their investors team, Tencent, Sequoia, IDG, the real thing, Jinsha River…… Not all is this? Well-known investors do have very strong brand endorsement for the project, but we are more curious is that these investors how profitable? The investment industry simply "fundraising and investment, management and exit" four work, the most important of the "retreat" words on behalf of the profit. We have inventory of various institutions today exit method.

is like Xu Xinzhi in Liu Qiangdong, Sun Zhengyi in Ma Yun, Wang Gang in the process dimension. The title of investors to bring you the consistent impression is: gold master, abundant resources, long-term vision, hundreds of thousands of times the investment return seems to be everybody talked about once a project is well-known investor concern, it will inevitably be success.

11 years 14 years, thousands of war car wars, 15 years O2O, 16 years, 17 years of live sharing Internet cycling, the competition is more and more intense, the competition from product, brand, deduce the change to the "cidaojianhong" subsidy wars. Every winner is accompanied by the fall of countless competitors. How should the investors behind these losers stop?


these two days, "New York Times" a description of Uber founder Kalanick with the investor Bill · Gayle game articles, and the "investor + business" in this phase to kill CP love story down the stage.


every time the winner’s birth, accompanied by countless competitors down, investors behind these losers, in the end how to stop


second is to facilitate the merger of the target company and the competitive advantage. When the money can not solve the problem, while market competition does not appear when the absolute advantage, investors will bring the two sides through the merger to enhance competitiveness, reduce operating costs, to maintain investment returns, and strive to achieve a win-win situation. Everyone familiar with the fast combination of Didi, /Uber, United States Group merger review, 58 merger market is such a situation. To put it plainly, it is in both sides of the competition

meters, music, an activity,

in fact, in the era of digital music, the music industry is more like a big iceberg in the universe, although it will change frequently because of the Internet impact, but its real economic benefits have not been deeply explored. In order to tap the market depth, in the past year, more than meters music attempts transformation, in addition to providing music, audio-visual and other Internet value-added services, but also further expand the company’s Pan entertainment music industry, deep roots fans community. Hatching out "accidentally flutter" and "reflect guest"".

? According to the information provided by the

is a buy back or a liquidation stop. Investors demand the repurchase of shares or direct liquidation of the enterprise. This sometimes through the agreement on gambling to perform, sometimes immature investors do more intense, such as Cara of Putian bicycle, because investors are no longer optimistic about business prospects, will transfer the user direct deposit withdrawals, is a more extreme way to stop. For Internet companies, this step has basically nothing to say in return, can only be said to be a way to stop it.

meters, even on the line a year time, settled users reached about 6000000, accounted for over 90% of the market and become the mainstream of fans, the current domestic mobile broadcast domain is one of the leading live video platform is also reflected off, meters in addition to the management outside the largest shareholder.

meters music sources, the future, the company will continue to integrate the existing resources and the accumulation of years of industry experience, with China Mobile’s music Migu Institute for strategic cooperation, to obtain more wireless music user resources, expand the company’s online music market share; at the same time, vertical operation, and strive to create interactive fans "I had" platform synergy through the dual platform, and strive to achieve profitability within two years. Xue Die

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