Ten Henzhao Ma Yun used in the Ali MamaArt network Liu let art down the altar

content review: she is the art of electricity supplier "art point" founder, want to do is to break the "circle of paintings, insiders buy Paintings" pattern, so that art has become mass consumer goods


, who landed at New York airport in July 4, 2010, has just graduated from Qinghua Academy of fine arts. She has the opportunity to be a visiting scholar at major universities in the United states. Out of the airport, the impact force is coming, like a sculpture of public buildings in New York as full of sense of design, small art gallery and Art Museum let her away, side is on the scene copy child paintings. "You know, I grew up copying books,"

in Ali mother advertising Henzhao the Alliance

five: get Henzhao reputation, quickly gathered hundreds of millions of webmaster

, on the two floor of the coffee shop at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, I met Liu Xing for the first time. Beijing girls do not see the forthright, she whispered, secretly playing slapstick, she would definitely be the kind of fight with the girl’s pillow fight little girl. "Don’t call me a strong woman," she said." And entrepreneurship, for her, is really just an accident.

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is restless,

twenty-first Century today, more and more people join the Internet, online shop, online blog, web site, online shopping, online dating…… the network life and the reality of our increasingly separated

Ma the person in front of our 80 stationmaster, belong to Uncle level character, read a lot about his presentation, read many of his articles, many tricks is of great help to our webmaster, can give us a little more detours.

three: advertising revenue payment Henzhao unlimited


in the network era dividing their share of the cake, become a netizen dream, become a webmaster permanent pursuit, Ali group to accept the call of the times, the Ali Mama, a new alliance platform, he is different from all of the other union at present in the market, I put these differences as Ma.

strange color, bright but heavy, picture Abstract struggle, Liu Xing could not help but share her work with me this piece of possession, the author was a graduate from Xinjiang Arts Institute, has been a young man practicing Zen temples in Xinjiang. She praised the painter’s philosophy and said that he would become a master in the future. "His works, I like them, do not sell now."."

: everyone can become buyers Henzhao four

on the Internet, who will be the first to think of others, the last who will win, the mother from the line in August, and today has more than 3 months, adding the webmasters and bloggers are more and more, the key point is: Ali group money let the webmaster to return, because as a core group of characters Ma know the role of word of mouth, the effect of advertising is.

this idea, from the Xing Liu experience in New York study tour.

two: let the seller Henzhao themselves, give full autonomy

doesn’t sound like a regular businessman. Began to study painting and calligraphy at the age of 6, at the age of 18 was admitted to Tsinghua Academy of fine arts, the painted nails shiny Beijing girl talking about art works closely reasoned and well argued. However, her identity today is indeed a businessman, "art point" – art online sharing trading platform – founder.

network market and reality, there will be buyers and sellers, other advertising buyers will be more or less restricted, small sites, small buyers they don’t pick up a single, Ali and her mother regardless of level, as long as buyers, even one yuan advertising, Ali and her mother is not limited, can be said to be suitable for all types of buyers.

: a Henzhao low barriers to entry into the

for those small flow website owners and blogger

in August 4th, two in the afternoon, Gehua 13 storey building Gehua Design Museum, the big screen flashed a word: I don’t want life to imitate art, I want life to be art. "Art point", Beta version of the official on-line operation. Among the crowd are artists, investors, and regular white-collar workers. Dressed in a black dress, elegant and dignified, Liu Xing standing in front of them asked why good works by the gallery say? She would break the "insider insider buy painting painting" pattern, let art altar, become a mass consumer goods, by the market pricing.

is a large market of advertising, such as sh419, shlf1314 and so on, their demand for this station is still relatively high, more than half of the users are blocked in the advertising alliance outside, Ali mother broke the limit, even if it is a portal blog station can also enter the Ali mother betrayed his advertising, take the national mobilization division of the network advertising market share, sit the country.

is currently in the online advertising market, more than one hundred dollars to pay the shlf1314 Advertising, sh419 ads and complicated, have more than one hundred yuan to pay, those little league is not talk. But my mother even if you are 10 Fen of revenue, in the 15 month after you can mention now, this is the gospel.

online advertising market, want to press the show, according to the show, click click click on, according to clinch a deal, according to clinch a deal, and can choose a buyer, this can also be regarded as Ali’s original.

"art point" is the art of electricity supplier, is an art online sharing trading platform. Its business model is concise: free signing Chinese major art college students and young artists, works on the Internet for public viewing, sharing, buying or renting, and rental and sales into popular artists, works and artists will be recommended to the gallery; the future, here will become the emerging artists discovery platform proxy mode broker will follow.

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