Make money, financing, glory, a lot! PO going to A shares Or ha ha!RMB exchange rate out of the mid

those two years have been examples of corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions all day long. Every day you hear about the wealth myths of the game industry.

ha ha,

in June 2016, Zheng Shanshan handed her first company to her successor, returned to her old property, aimed at overseas Chinese assets allocation and management, and founded second companies".

has been in the real estate industry veteran of 12 years Zheng Shanshan realized that the middle class of overseas asset allocation just began to emerge. In fact, the real estate intermediary for the market to do enough preparation, from the chain home to the housing world are on the line in batches, the United States, Australia, Japan, Britain and other places overseas housing.

, therefore, many companies have taken refuge in the new three boards.

so, from 2016 onwards, the game industry in the capital market myth is gone. Not to mention IPO, even a M & A can not get started.

at that time, a A company would not be able to mix up in the capital market if it didn’t dip into the game. So, you will see, at that time, whether it is pig, cement, or engage in real estate, steel, are rushed to the game industry.

since then, her pace of work began to calculate the "hour", on the one hand travel field survey: Losangeles, New York, Tokyo housing, Melbourne, Sydney, London, Dubai, find a technical partner to develop products, to achieve precise matching between the needs of the population and mass products with big data technology; on the other hand will close investors. Search >

"in many overseas real estate recommendation meeting, the consultation customer is very many, also very confused.". They have enough money to invest, but they can’t find the way out." Zheng Shanshan says that this type of customer is very common, they have rational thinking on the economy as a whole disk, also has the concept of overseas asset allocation, but the product did not have a clear judgment, can not distinguish what kind is a good project, which is popular; another type of customer is aggressive, they are not bad money, as long as the house itself quality the right area, the surrounding facilities, the appreciation of space, will soon sell to buy, or even stop to stop.

on 2017, new year’s day just before, Zheng Shanshan in the company downstairs Starbucks coffee convened a team meeting, a person a cup of latte, but the rhythm is not easy. Their sale of a real estate project opened in the afternoon, the team several sales tension, the core of the customer and housing information, inter – time differences and British developers to communicate.

, the old driver who smelled the "scare" opportunity,

According to

super players on the new board: over five games, listed company 2016 net profit of over one million yuan

seriously, game companies do play more than most listed company. Judging from the performance growth of this dimension, the game industry in the homogeneous industry is regarded as the leader.

in the capital market, hand travel industry is so.

choice of finance statistics, 91 listed company, Sinopec has melt into the capital of the company have 60, accounting for 66% of the total financing of nearly 8 billion 87 million yuan.

1, 222 advertising listed company 2016 total revenue grew by 30%, and net profit fell 5.5%;

3 and 91 games listed company total revenue in 2016 grew by 70%, and total net profit grew by 114%.

by common sense, these companies should live badly and can’t afford much money.

The news of the new year’s "little new year" policy made Zheng Shanshan realize that the middle class panic caused by policy tightening would intensify until July 1st, when the policy was tightened by. At this point, seize the panic of the people, that is, seize the tuyere period. But this time is only half a year.

overseas promotion activities in recent years by middle-class concern Tencent technology plan


January 4, 2016 offshore RMB exchange rate dropped 600 basis points, down from 6.49 in the bank exchange rate fell to 6.52, then all the way to the market repeatedly; after the Spring Festival, the rise of the stock market, second tier city housing boom after the way down…… Sensitive people almost overnight the renminbi into U.S. dollars to maintain value. At this point, a wavelet investment for long-term consideration to buy a house overseas, or buy dollar funds.

overseas asset allocation real estate, technology, financial products entrepreneurial heat, accompanied by the rise of the RMB exchange rate in 2016 down, this wave is also accompanied by panic in the middle class.

all right. After that madness, it’s a chicken feather,

is even more outstanding. The diamond game has been listed 6 times in 6 years, which is in the new three

when a door closes, God will open another door for you.

in fact, and the current Tesla and new energy vehicles, as in 2014, 2015, that will be, the domestic capital market game stocks, really God exists.

but the fact is the other way round.

last week, in the glory of the king Shuabing network in the world, many people know, in the domestic capital market, there is such a section of the existing.

of course, the game listed company will play more than this point, in financing also achieved good results.

! !

2, 118 electricity providers, listed company 2016 total revenue grew by 54%, and total net profit grew by 73%;

is not difficult to find, in the listed light asset companies, the game industry’s overall revenue growth in the forefront of net profit.

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