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human society is based on commodity economy, and trading controls the behavior of people in society. Everyone is in a different transaction, farmers farming out the grain, vegetables and fruits to the market; the worker is his own services sold to factories in exchange for payment; of course is their own labor to national civil servants in exchange for compensation, different civil servants in this transaction were also obtained in social status. Traders are among the best known people in the world. They use the theory of difference very well, and they often win in trading. The above is the macro principle, for the majority of webmaster, for guiding practice is very meaningful.


traffic can be translated into money, money can also be converted into traffic. Get traffic can be divided into two methods, the first method to get traffic: a large number of the chain to make the chain, let the flow guide into your website, get a lot of methods of the chain, but also for different owners, different website theme effective methods of the chain are not the same. I will use two ways to write soft Wen and to the BBS hair theme post, these two ways simple and very good effect. In fact, engage in the chain is definitely not free to get traffic, you need to pay is time and energy, time and energy, this thing is very valuable. Second ways to get traffic: PPC search engine marketing and Media Buy site advertising buy, this paid traffic real, effective, effective immediate results. People get the purpose of flow is of course into money, so you have to have a businessman thinking, buy low and sell high traffic flow, if you master this flow difference, you have the Internet treasure, the Internet is a supermarket, you can gain wealth is limitless.

Tencent announcement:

Dear users:

now, due to malicious websites using the hook to add friends, wantonly to users to send mass add friends invited and illegal advertising on the part of the user caused serious harassment, therefore, we temporarily on the to add friends to do the following restrictions:

1, each number up to one day to send 50 invitation to add friends.

2, on suspicion of malicious IP, a IP day to send up to 500 additional friends invited, once more than 500, the system will have the conditions and choices, long time automatically limit part IP to send invitations to add friends.

3, such as your cannot send invitations to add friends, please go to im. to download and install the latest version of "2005 official version". As an upgrade to a "2005 official version" is still unable to send the invitation to add friends, please contact the Tencent customer service center address: service., Tel: 0755-83765566. If there is any inconvenience, please feel free to understand.

wrote two theoretical texts, and whether you can make money online is the key to practice. You need constant flow tests, when your traffic gap theory is infinitely close to reality, that is, when you make money. Flow difference theory is also burn out experience. For ordinary webmaster, no strong capital base, not much of the computer technology, which accords with the 90% personal webmaster, webmaster can earn money must be subversive thinking. For the chain, if there is no technology but you can find cooperation technology, can find a very NB tool, let the chain day break 10000, the website is not afraid to pay traffic flow? If there is no money, but you can find a partner for people who have money to burn, you flow difference theory experience. Ma Yun this person has no funds, no technology, but Ma Yun leader temperament, you can lead the team to create Alibaba group. Chinese the Internet for personal webmaster has just begun, no money do not give up, a lot of advertising alliance is the one or two creation, and with a large coalition is created, alliance account loose, now is the best period of domestic Wangzhuan intervention.

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