Micro-blog rich myth continues 90 years of science and technology men selling cosmetics into billion

and founder of Li Wenxiang’s dialogue for nearly three hours, not a minute wasted, no nonsense, he only told us a grassroots Polytechnic male entrepreneurship into billions of dollars in the micro-blog story, but also really inspirational.

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as an entrepreneur interview, I strive to explore the key points of the growth of entrepreneurs. It can be said that Li Wenxiang’s entrepreneurial life is closely linked with micro-blog.


January 23, 2008,

in the micro Kai Chong development process, Li Wenxiang and his team can be said to stand in the air, Li Wenxiang quickly under pressure. As an intermediary platform, they have to face competitors from BAT big companies, these guys are more likely to get good customer resources and Case than their grassroots team. So despite the good times a month income of two million, but its volume limitations make micro Kai Chong on the pattern to break out. At this point, the chance to let Li Wenxiang from a friend who has 20 years of cosmetics experience there get acne products formula, acne experienced Li Wenxiang very keenly felt: the opportunity may come.

, the WIS brand that started with acne products, was founded in 2011 and exceeded 100 million yuan in 2013. In 2014, their goal was to break through 200 million and sprint 300 million. Such a 90 – based team, with the help of micro-blog platform, created a millet miracle in the cosmetics field.

with vision and unique university project experience, Li Wenxiang seized this opportunity, they help the group purchase website customer, micro-blog and third parties such as the establishment of marketing cooperation, and earn profits from the intermediary. With the large influx of business enterprise micro-blog platform, the electricity supplier micro-blog marketing has also brought a relatively stable and substantial revenue for their projects, access to capital accumulation but also for the subsequent WIS brand incubator provides the one and only experience.


cat alliance

2011, Li Wenxiang and his buddies left the campus, it is micro-blog Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River era. When they saw the micro-blog platform, many grassroots large successful cases, think micro-blog is a good platform, but they think they have missed the best time to do grassroots large so micro-blog marketing intermediary platform to connect customers and large micro – Kai Chong became the Li Wenxiang team try another way.

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just as everyone shouted micro-blog marketing does not work so well, micro-blog marketing wealth myth continues. The WIS brand, which started with acne products, was founded in 2011, and sales exceeded 100 million yuan in 2013. In 2014, their goal was to break through 200 million and sprint 300 million. Such a 90 – based team with micro-blog platform created a "millet style" miracle in the field of cosmetics, although they did not gorgeous origin, there is no proud elite background.

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