Personal experience cheated by liar 1100 yuanTaobao guest joint promotion, let me day commission to

3, I submitted my website’s Logo to them, they put my Logo on the head of the topic page, and set up the picture link of my website at the bottom of the topic page.

1, they put all the goods in the store are set up Taobao promotion, and then select a large number of goods made of thematic pages, such as "home items spike", "home supplies" to enjoy".

my Taobao customer has a maximum Commission of

per day

, I am an ordinary webmaster, right, I should call myself webmaster now. In the past, I saw an article in Admin5, saying there were no 5 or 6 stations on your hands, and you were embarrassed to tell others that you were a webmaster". Now count the hands of the station, there are 6, 7, and seems to deserve the title of "webmaster". In the past, my website mainly brought revenue to me through shlf1314 advertising and sh419 alliance. At the beginning of July, a Taobao shop in the mall Home Furnishing supplies business contact me, said they were a "Taobao customer joint promotion" recruitment activities, recruitment promotion of their products. At first I didn’t understand what they wanted to do. In the webmaster circle, it seems that Taobao customers are not favored because the volume is too small, and the form of expression is also very simple. I used to try Taobao, but with little success. Moreover, Taobao is not to get customers to promote his products to promote the link, promote their own websites on? What is the "joint promotion"? I hold a curious mind, carefully look at their introduction, they found the way new recruiting Taobao Ke Ying, I think they are planning staff the idea. After trying to do it, I soon got a single one, and the best day, the Commission reached 139 yuan. Now, let’s take a look at all of you and see if there is any prospect of this promotion model. Maybe we can learn something from it.

I said see you later. End the money liar, I told him my bank card number. I’m still a little worried, I will give a hit a telephone call, about the content: "liar; money is not a problem, cross bank remit money to 2 days. I said; you come to send screenshots, you can rest assured that the liar said; I will not lie to you, I lie to you my dead family. I heard this, I would like to have said so toxic it, should be no problem. Hung up the phone "a liar, shot over.


I just opened a Taobao store, a plan to go to Taobao, to do business. Selling game cards, game and auxiliary stuff. For 3 days, upload pictures, upload baby, shop can finally opened. The opening of the first day I sold an auxiliary earned 1.5 yuan. I am very happy, second days sold 3 baby, get 5 yuan, the business day, a day that is up to earn quick money 10.

4, they say, will recruit a large number of Taobao visitors to promote this topic page, everyone’s theme page, the bottom of the friendship link area is unified and synchronous.

first of all, let me give them an overview of what they do:

I see a screenshot, see above is written in Zhangjiakou, I was in Baoding. I said the address was wrong, a liar to say you call 95533 CCB customer service, I telephoned, said CCB customer; need to check remittances, you ask the bank, I got 95599 ABC’s phone, bank customer service said: is the city of Hebei Province, was wrong, as long as the money can received within 3 working days, I can rest assured, I see a screenshot, put the 10 auxiliary Order No. 24 meeting passed, I read online banking money to, I think it will arrive tomorrow, number 25 I watched online banking money or not, I have hurry, I give a liar liar message, not recovered, No. 26, afternoon I also check online banking or not, I’m really anxious, I will give a message, I call again, he did not answer him on , he said what I said, how the money is not in place, liar money To return, from the new remit me. You help me to send 1100 red 5>

2, they want me to give them my Taobao PID off, and then generate belong to my special page address based on my Taobao PID, I take the promotion, such as my Taobao PID customer is mm_12345678_0_0, my special page address is to avoid advertising suspected/ u=mm_12345678_0_0, the red part is? My Taobao PID, and guest on this page all product links into my Taobao customers to promote links, all through my past this promotion page click to buy the product, I can get the commission.

one day, and I always like waiting for someone to consult my shop. Someone with my friends, I ask you do certain auxiliary. I said there is a 35, you go shoot my shop. Cheater said to 10, is 350. I said to go shoot. I thought; "good luck today is delicious! Can earn hundreds of dollars today". I want to make a friend and he left my mobile phone number, my mobile phone is 15832450077. Liar also left mobile phone number, mobile phone number is 15044550876, liar liar; I have is the construction of the online banking, I said; you beat me. The bank can pay. I don’t cheat said; what station that afraid of poisoning, last year I lost 20 thousand on the 5173. I said I didn’t have a bank card, only the bank and the bank. Liar cross exchange! Within 3 working days. I want to borrow money from friends before the cross is the money, two days to account. Only cross bank remit money, then cross. I promise to cross the line.

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