Pegasus travel founder Yuan Yue entrepreneurial opportunities have been tilted to 90Shout out we’re

answers several webmaster’s words:

Yuan Yue revealed that Pegasus brigade is to build such an entrepreneurial territory. On the day of the forum, entrepreneurs from Germany, France, Japan, Belgium and the Taiwan Straits and other places launched the global youth entrepreneurship recruitment order and the global launching ceremony.

April 22nd, as one of the featured forums of the fourth China Shanghai international technology import and Export Fair, the Global Youth Innovation Forum was held in shanghai.

Pegasus brigade founder Yuan Yue said in his speech, at present, as people’s economic level, improve living standards, in the initial venture throughout the project, entrepreneurial content is also moving forward to the depth. "I encourage young people to start a business. They want them to find a small thing, as long as you have control over it, and then you can do it as deep as you love.". The small opportunity to do so, such entrepreneurship, we call it "precision vertical.". All of these deep points on a single field are a big change." He said.


in the public venture, the highly innovative requirements, for the first time on this intersection set up Innovation Exhibition, all-round display of hackerspaces, inside and outside a passenger, students and other youth management achievements, Pegasus brigade, mushroom cloud record passenger space, Tencent and other institutions to participate in the exhibition business base.

1., a record number can not be found, the false can. That sounds good. Check out cheating. Do you have the ability to find a system for checking cheating?

cat alliance from March 3rd to now has been in operation for more than 40 days, during which the cat coalition got the trust and support of many owners, we have to abide by its commitments, on time every day to the full 10 yuan owners pay. From the daily payment of 1, 2 webmaster, and now to hundreds of webmaster pay commission every day. Although we spend more and more time, we have never thought of changing the way of payment.

I believe this is the question that everybody wants to ask most, I blunt say we are not, a lot of people don’t believe, so I say from another angle. We insist on payment of 10 yuan is to let more webmaster to us, you will find that we are not a liar, because even if the loss is only a few dollars, some people say we are cheated 10 yuan money to live on this special. And I count 1 station 10 yuan, my server costs 14000 a year, then I want to cheat 1400 owners to recover the cost of server, because I’m cheating webmaster, so I would not do anything else, I’ll hire a person to eat two accomplices, ensure it in Shanghai. One day I spend at least 100 yuan, a year must be cheated 36500 yuan, that is to say to cheat 3650 stationmaster I can not starve to death. I want to cheat how much pocket money? The estimated tens of thousands of webmaster, so many webmaster I cheated I only earn one money, because I lied to you 10 yuan, you do not do for me, think about it, if I really can find 10 dollars to do station 10 thousand then, even if I earn only 5%, that year I will be rich. A fool never cheats 10 bucks. And give up the opportunity to really make money, unfortunately, there are not many webmaster let me lie.

to explain:

we know now there are many webmaster don’t trust us, if we are liars, so we have always insisted on the 10 yuan to pay, we are going to tell everyone, we don’t want to do a union, because if it is 10 yuan 10 yuan cheated, it may even cost can not cheat back to the server.

is the 1. cat alliance a fraud alliance?

Yuan Yue said, "we launched the world youth entrepreneurship, in 100 of the world famous university, with students as the core, the country to absorb the local students and international students together constitute the entrepreneurship club, the entrepreneurship club youth entrepreneurship and condensed into a chamber of Commerce, chamber of Commerce and the mechanism of youth entrepreneurship docking domestic entrepreneurship support overseas. In addition, promoting the bidding type entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial self become a rich direction and content, to further deepen the whole youth forum also landed on this concept."

"entrepreneurial opportunities have been in the" 80 "," 90 "tilt." "The new needs in today’s market must be met by new creators," said Yuan Yue, founder of Pegasus travel. We can not expect to rely on old comrades and old institutions to meet the needs of young people."

but some people say we are cheats, and I will do some explanation, and it is also a response to these words, and also to explain the questions in your mind.

explained: the record number is this, maomao8 probably registered in March 1st, there is no record of the domain name is not on-line. So we were supposed to be on line in March 15th, >

some of the stationmaster said we were cheats. specific page

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