EFriendsNet due to the adjustment of internal alliance, decided to temporarily shut down todaySearch

suits the object: SEO skilled person + website manufacture master

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model features: more cost, you can do very big, look around you have those you are familiar with production-oriented enterprises, you can try this model.

with traditional business base

fits: SEO

model features: relatively low cost, easier to get started, monthly income of more than ten thousand yuan is still relatively easy, but relatively tired.

for objects: SEO newbie,

4, SEO+CPA sales alliance,

suits the object: SEO personnel, good English is preferred,

money making process: customers provide the FTP management authority of the website, then optimize the website, and then help several core keywords of customers in the top 10 of the shlf1314, Yahoo and other search engines on the left. And maintain for one year.

model features: This is a lot of individual owners of a way, this model is tired, and then make money easier and easier. However, if you want to do well, you need to know a lot of skills: for example, the choice of the theme of the website, the choice of the domain name, the planning of the website column, the collection of content, the choice of the advertising Union and so on.

1, providing search engine ranking services to make money:

announcement: you webmaster, due to the adjustment of the alliance, decided to temporarily shut down today, for all the cooperation of users temporarily stop cooperation, legitimate data account Commission, we all settle. Thank you for your long-standing support, and we have the opportunity to cooperate. Thank you,

2, the use of SEO to build large traffic website:

money making process: you don’t need to have a website alone, you can do it directly using free blogs and free home pages. Such site traffic does not need to be large, as long as the flow of high quality, you can make money. Because you want to make money, not by clicking, but by selling. To do this model, you need to have SEO technology, but also need to choose a good CPA alliance, choose good products to promote. CPA alliances are very popular abroad, such as C>

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Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

service object: small and medium enterprise website

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


money making process: do a series of websites from the point of view of SEO, and then get a lot of traffic easily. Then join the online advertising alliance, apply for advertising code on the site, and then earn advertising fees.

money making process: cooperation with traditional production-oriented enterprises, you use SEO to build a marketing site, and then bring sales through this site, according to sales commission. This model is equivalent to being a traditional trading company.

3, the use of SEO and traditional trading company cooperation

earning mode: earn commissions

SEO money mode sharing. This article describes 6 patterns of money making in search engine optimization SEO, 777, a simple network and sharing SEO’s money making model,

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money making model: charge advertising fees

money making model: selling products

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