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Xing Shuai, can not afford to read the university is his pain point, so he set up a school, so that all people spend the least money to learn a technology. In 2008, Xing Shuai Institute of networking was established to provide employment – oriented skills, textual research and training. 2009, YY network voice chat room began hot, Xing Shuai joined the internet teaching team with YY. Xing Shuai network school to teachers online live lectures, supplemented by recording video teaching, opened dozens of subjects. Currently, there are nearly 600 full-time and part-time tutors and staff, more than 100 thousand students in the hospital. In July 2013, Xing Shuai received 15 million yuan of A round of financing.

does not want to use the term "traditional industry" to define industries other than the Internet because the boundaries between the Internet and other industries are blurring. Many companies have a position on the Internet: website, and millions of people including the construction site, mainly engaged in the field of physical labor people, have their own social media account in micro-blog, WeChat, some people usually may humble life, in the net is the famous moderator.

Internet start-ups, where to start, starting from your own pain point, the user’s pain point, that is, the best starting point for entrepreneurship. Combined with Internet technology, finding people with the same pain points, using the Internet and mobile Internet to solve pain points, is an excellent starting point for Internet start-ups.

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, start with your own pain point,

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first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

, a credit card and a few computers, and two friends Internet entrepreneurs founded YouTube, 20 months, less than two years, the company sold to shlf1314 Chen Shijun from the credit card debt of $13 billion;


people have long been part of the Internet, and have long been inseparable from the Internet, but the difference is that most people do not rely on the provision of Internet products or services, survival and profitability.

in China, 28 year old Ye Kai has become a billionaire, ye Kai served as CEO’s crab technology, developed the most popular mobile game in 2013, "big head", the game profit of 100 million. Listed companies palm fun technology announced plans to use 1 billion 739 million yuan to buy crab technology 100% stake, has crab shares of 28% shares become a billionaire,

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The 27 year old Chen Shijun

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founder had family poverty to apply for government relief, began in 2009 mobile Internet business WhatsApp, 2014 sold to Facebook $16 billion, becoming billions of dollars worth of rich men;

if you want to start a business, or do Internet start-ups. Here is a place where you can become a billionaire after two or three years. Your life is worth betting on.

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Yu Jiawen, after entering the University, because often cannot remember the curriculum form, can not find the classroom >

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