Watch Video hooligan after feeling and understanding of their own

now the network information platform, in fact, I am very optimistic about the establishment of large-scale personal


there are three reasons. First, this website requires a variety of investment, manpower, financial resources, and are very large, and we should all think about this,

is around second, are not the same, but since it is a large range of talent demands relatively higher, on the same page, these sites are relatively high technology factors, need is a team, a person should be very difficult to complete this project, so high, of course, like this 123 the expert except

third is the maintenance of all after the completion of the late is not a simple thing, I think it is like me to see so many ordinary webmaster content have a big head, for example, now our team is a Shandong elite talent network, in fact, we have confidence is not great, how about profit. Flow, still under discussion, of course we will do their best to run, even if the end result is a failure.

I want to like a hooligan said, what are their strengths, as the saying goes "by waves of ship, boat U-turn" personal webmaster way I think it will be some small sites, some single site, because the site is only a particular web site, close to a part of the needs of users, and I do not say impossible but it is not very easy

, this is my real experience of the past few years, I hope to give the novice and other webmaster a little inspiration,

‘s own station,

welcome criticism, but please don’t call names

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