The current most viable and difficult site model is SNS

recently SNS website model is fire, with older (for campus students), and recently very fire (positioning not clear), and some for special groups such as (for those who work), (for Beijing people), not a list. SNS website success, I think there are reasons for his success. Here’s a brief analysis:

First we

from the social environment, people living in the world that cannot do without communication, but now the only child has a lot more, is the only child of the child, such people have what communication in the social circle, unlike the older generation have brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts uncles so, just only one, according to the old saying is a few generations. But these people have to contact each other, the original voice can find their loved ones, and now there are not so many relatives, who are you looking for? The author has established a personal online space, if you are interested, you can look at. Here, with this network of things, you can find friends online, exchange, explore life. So, I say that the development of SNS has a certain social environment.

from a technical analysis, now SNS web technology is no longer so mysterious, is not too high to be reached things, many sites have developed a mature program, there are also some modular ready-made ASP, PHP and other kinds of degree. So, SNS site access threshold has been very low. Now, the successful technology of any website model is not a problem. The main thing is the function and mode of operation of the website.

three from the operating model point of view. Although many domestic websites are imitation of foreign successful websites, but also according to the situation of Chinese added their own things, this mode of mutual launch, popular people welcome and love, but some foreign SNS website to the local The climate does not suit one.. If SNS wants to succeed, it must adapt to Chinese Internet users and provide convenient services for Chinese Internet users. This can be confirmed by the running of GOOGLE and Baidu. So the author believes that the ultimate success of the domestic SNS website or website, just Chinese exotic SNS website accelerator.

Although the domestic

SNS website has a lot of rash and too much in haste up, but there are still some problems, such as: one is the homogenization of serious, all kinds of SNS the function of the website is basically the same, can not form a unique style to attract users; two is the pursuit of large and many models, object oriented is all Internet users, but the strength is inadequate. It should be more like to special groups in some sites, this small and fine than large and better; three is the operations team, in addition to several large web site has a relatively sound operation team, most sites lack of professional personnel and detailed development planning, operation management is like a swarm of bees, but poor and the most.

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