Why money selling hand hits

The economic model of the

Internet era has become attention economy. In vernacular, click rate is a valuable asset. The media and the Internet company’s success, the click rate is a commodity, can be sold, Google is one of the most prominent examples.

, but the title of the post is a bit illogical: both the "sell off" (even the "sell off" or the "sell off") should be to hand over the goods and recover the money. But why is it called "throwing money"? I don’t know.

, but there are companies doing this: hard to improve their click through rate, but also lose money, please get the precious rate has been handed to Microsoft.

I really don’t know whether to use "buy" or "sell" to describe this strange business behavior. Strange, but not uncommon. In fact, in Taiwan, the money killing act is visible everywhere. The news media friends, please do not ignore this, tourism, foreign trade, and foreign customers have dealings with any enterprise / organization / school / Department, you are most likely therefore greatly affected the interests of the unit.

as a matter of fact, no one, any industry, can’t miss the article on marketing as long as you are spending money or spending your efforts marketing yourself. You pay your own computer engineer or pay for a web page company, but are the recipients taking the hits that have been sent to your hands and sending them to Microsoft?


you to invest manpower, software, information department procurement please do your own web pages, or spend a lot of effort to do, or you "pay" marketing company ", or if you spend money to advertise in the famous media home. In short, you invest some resources in exchange for some click through / exposure rates. You want more people to see your phone / fax / catalog / business / website, the better.

what? Anybody?.

you don’t want to ignore a female friend to visit your website because you’re a male.

you won’t let your Taurus friends visit your website because you’re a scorpio.

you don’t want to see your website from a friend of type AB because your blood type is O.

you don’t want to see your website because of your faith in buddhism.

alone is of no importance of these labels, even if you have a strong ideology, even if you are the Kuomintang (DPP) loyal supporters, the mention of the Democratic Progressive Party (KMT) is a gas, you will not reject the Democratic Progressive Party (KMT) supporters see your site.

please don’t discuss why the KMT (DPP) is better than the DPP (the Kuomintang). That’s beside the point. That’s not the point. No matter who is good or who is bad, your purpose is to spend money to improve

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