Play micro-blog paid subscriptions, can you

paid reading is a mature model now, especially in the field of network literature. Sina micro-blog launched this function also attract more professionals to join in, and then provide a platform, readers can according to the time to pay the equivalent of professional writers and more than a sum of income ah, micro-blog is a good realization of the channel from the media.

want to play micro-blog paid subscription, we first look at what conditions! According to Sina’s official description, the basic requirement is like this: 1. the number of fans in the 5 million to 2. users of personal authentication; the average monthly amount of reading over 3 million reading; 3. joined micro-blog from the media plan; 4. private letter @ to the waiter the application, through the rear opening.

you see this standard, the feeling is not very difficult, Xiaobian also feel so. In terms of conditions, the most important thing is that the average monthly reading is more than 3 million of the users, the most difficult, and this reading is determined from a number of aspects, so that most people may be turned away. About the amount of reading promotion I also wrote articles, written at the time for micro-blog from the media, here for the subscription is the same, both of which require reading quantity to reach more than 3 million, this also have to work hard ah, one is to improve the quality of content, the two is often update micro-blog, making more has spread that is more useful to the public to micro-blog. Xiao Bian himself is also rejected by this door, this article just to discuss the reasons and how to change the promotion,


I understand that their writing skills are very strong to do subscription good people at micro-blog, he has its important insights in a certain field, the Internet in other places can you find. A person who opens a column especially for newspapers or magazines. Such as stock analysis, horoscope, sports reviews, and so on. We can think of a problem here: why do people pay to read your content? In small series there are 2 main points: one is that you can output long-term valuable content or ideas, content quality is high, the reader is indeed helpful, but your content value is group the audience is relatively wide, to benefit more, it is more to enhance the quality of the authors of the control difficulty, so more professional. The two reason is probably the reader I understand that the person you see through other channels, then you open subscription on micro-blog, began to pay attention to you, the main reason is because at this level of love or the person you worship to the


said so much, we know that micro-blog paid subscription not everyone can play, then if you still want to play it, then we need to upgrade from what to do? Personally think that its core is how long to produce high quality articles, this is the fundamental right! Here from several aspects to discuss the problem:

should pay attention to the group value,

the content here refers to the value, then the value is >

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