Brand promotion is inseparable from the community based social network

according to foreign media reports, whether it is the Internet, or marketing and media, its popularity is not as good as social networking. It is expected that by 2012, the size of enterprise social networking products will reach $2 billion. If the enterprise brand promotion does not have any performance in the social network market, that explains this brand already behind the times.

June 3rd, the "ecological new horizon, build powerful Tianya 2009 Strategy Conference and Ecological Marketing Forum" held in Beijing, the world community officially released a new strategy for ecological marketing as the core. This year is the 10th anniversary anniversary of President Tianya Tianya, Xing Ming said solemnly, Tianya intends to build a new eco marketing service system, become the leader of Chinese community marketing.

social network as the outstanding representatives of the famous Tianya community — first proposed in the domestic ecological new horizon, build the influence of "community marketing idea, and take practical action to show the brand promotion is cannot do without social network marketing. In July 22nd, Tianya community medical network and try to achieve cooperation, in the domestic social network marketing promotion, social network marketing promotion network, including medical guide, online consultation appointment know medical network "Taurus" brand products.

through the phenomenon to see the nature of this Tianya and medical network cooperation, you can see that brand promotion requires social media. So, what are the qualities of social media that fascinates companies,


1, to provide real exchange, marketing places: the interaction between people, especially in social networks, network word-of-mouth, influence each other, people will become the brand loyalty, and brand experience, the use of products. Social networking is not just personal communication, it’s also a marketing site for businesses.

2, corporate forces drive brand action: societies are an interesting concept. Thanks to the efforts of some lobbyists, societies are sometimes like individuals, sometimes groups. The legal definition of a corporation guides an enterprise or brand action. This social media new media to make your brand like action.

3, the spread of fast, wide range of influence: the spread of network community events with the outbreak of the characteristics, can gather a lot of attention in a very short period of time; at the same time as the user community participation and sharing of the community are relatively high, hot events tend to be able to through various channels and ways to spread. By means of network marketing, Internet users between the word wide, the online community as the main communication platform, it has the characteristics of large scale, rapid propagation.

4, to achieve full interaction between enterprise brands and users: the traditional advertising format is only to push the product to users, and then the user experience lacks the relevant feedback mechanism and channels. Evaluation of the dissemination of the contents of word-of-mouth marketing is the user, brand building positive influence through their own hand of word-of-mouth marketing, and can build the implementation of detection mechanism of user experience, timely feedback information, for the enterprise user details, changes in market demand, timely.

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