A failed Valentine’s Day

I am a webmaster, and I have had a lot of Valentine’s day. Every Valentine’s day has a lot of different feelings. The difference is that this time I am standing in the station’s position to talk about the feelings of Valentine’s day.

, I don’t know what Valentine’s Day is for all of you. I really failed yesterday. Listen to me slowly, please.

I’m a married man more than 3 years, and the wife from love to marriage, now has been more than 7 years, remember to work not so busy, I have spent almost a month to learn audio clips and learn to sing, making a personal album to wife, wife was very happy (but the album number is very limited, is estimated to sing well have run to tens of miles}, away from downtown spend a month of meals to buy dozens of roses, only to wife smile and a little bit of Valentine’s pride. Now the economic pressure is increasing, as a webmaster, to continue to increase the income of the website, still have to change every day at Baidu, working to update the site, to work more than a year never nap, just to be able to experience the Admin5 all depends, to learn more.

so this Valentine’s day for a bit of a rush, just go to the cinema nearby home to buy a Valentine’s Day package: two movie tickets + two big coke + popcorn + two cubs (results for a wallet, do not necessarily follow leaflets to send down). Then go home and wait patiently for the wife to leave the office. (today’s wife works overtime) and it didn’t get home until 7:30. It only takes 15 minutes from the time she’s home soon, the traffic jam has a maximum of 40 minutes, but today she spent 90 minutes, I mind you panic, see when she appeared in the downstairs ran down to the door, but she didn’t speak to me.


film is 9:10 minutes after dinner, I would invite her to say tonight and I see a movie, she asked me what time to buy movie tickets, I said, in order to take credit for the movie tickets had already booked, we only need to see it, she seems a little happy. (here to all have a girlfriend or wife who said, the wife said, must not take any credit for the idea, do not even tell the truth, remember ah).


went to go to the cinema for a gift package, the problem occurs, for tickets that my ticket is not sealed, and then to find the ticket, the ticket and then asked me what time to buy tickets, the results all get out of hand, the wife said I am not honest, Ming Ming afternoon ticket buy, said already booked, everything was not the taste of Valentine’s day.

summarizes the reasons for the failure of Valentine’s Day:

1, as husband and do the same station, must abide by the first principle, that is, to provide true content, in line with user needs.

2, preparing gifts or preparing websites >

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