Five essential competencies for webmaster success


website is a difficult and lengthy process, as a successful webmaster, in the long process of development, there is certainly some experience and methods, it is necessary to have some super powers, that what ability? The following five points are essential.

ability 1: the purpose of doing things is strong, when there is a strong sense of judgment.

has a strong ability to clearly understand the webmaster, he did every thing to have powerful ability to care about results, but more attention to the purpose of things, but the purpose is clearly helped him to achieve results and enjoy the process.

successful people make decisions quickly and decisively, and then change their decisions carefully. Ordinary people often irresolute and hesitant the next decision, but decided to change easily; success is able to decide quickly, because he is fully aware of its level of value and beliefs, to understand what the order of priority, therefore can have a system of processing.

ability two: listen and learn effectively and learn innovation from it.

successful people have great listening ability. Listening is not to listen to what the other person is saying, but to listen to what the other person is saying. Listening skills include: first, listen not to interrupt each other’s conversation; two, after listening to each other’s words; three, without recording, you can hear each other’s meaning; four, record all problems in the brain, the other side finished together to ask questions.

learning is the foundation of continuous progress, so successful people look for ways, losers find reasons, and successful people are willing to do what losers don’t want to do. If you can continue to take the above approach, and study habits, but also like riding a boat behind.

ability three: anything must be planned and systematically implemented.

successful people know the importance of the plan. The plan includes short-term plan, medium-term plan and long-term plan. The most preliminary is to set up a day plan to make the success more instructive. The winner lists all the things to be dealt with the night before or early in the morning, and allocates time according to importance. He manages things, not time. At the same time also to the long-term profit plan, because it is the site to make money, can make a profit model, for example, can add some now fire web game platform, the website such as bigger and stronger to transition to make money.

has a plan, of course, need to systematically implement these plans, otherwise it will become a water moon, mirror flower. Successful people have a way to organize their thoughts and actions, so they can continue to practice themselves and teach others.

ability four: the power of self reflection and self suggestion.

said, "every day, the three provinces, their bodies, Zheng Guofan also daily introspection, what kind of place is wrong, how to remedy, etc., so we also need to reflect on the webmaster, >

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