9 mistakes we often make about user experience

on the user experience, we often make 9 mistakes

Web user experience master Jacob Nielsen said, "a rotten website like a grumpy salesman", such not only can persuade the customer salesman, and annoying, on the site, no more than what the poor user experience more frustrating. This article describes 9 common user experience errors in the design and development of Web and their solutions.

1. is hard to find what you’re interested in,

following these well-known sites not only old design, and ease of use.





Why doesn’t

need more meaningful form names,



, those spinning dominoes turned out to be navigation…


reddit.com, I like the concept, but the content is too hurtful.

We often

when from a website to find the content that the difficulties, such as those of the government site, since we all know the content of truth, we should not allow the user to find a content over tens of thousands of the menu.


, in short, place information that you think is important in an easy to find place. If your site has a mass of content:

puts all kinds of content in the columns they should put.

lets your site’s search function work properly.

provides clear tags and directories.

let important content be highlighted.

provides localized naming.

In addition

, using the blur test, will you do the sketch design such as fuzzy processing 10%, so you can find the need to highlight the content is really outstanding, you can also use the IntuitionHQ.com class usability testing service.

2. crappy layout





typical Chinese portal style



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