The road of network construction talking about content is king or nternet users are king

website construction is not difficult to see a variety of "content is king" theme concept, mainly discusses: Web site, content, search engine, and finally to the relationship between users. It can be said that a website from the beginning of construction, to the final success, perfect is nothing more than these content. But speaking of easy to start difficult, content is king, and how to start it? This article talks about website construction in the final analysis, or Internet users is king. Hands grasp the Internet users, but also mastered the pulse of the Internet age. What is the construction of the website and what is the ultimate purpose of the construction, and how to realize the transformation of such a relationship?. Ultimately achieve: profit. Construction of a successful website, from every detail on the prize is very critical, the following details of the content is king to the Internet king is the relationship:

1: the relationship between web sites and content

is a website support for long run down, not the content of the website will never have the light of day day. However, the content is not consistent, and the acquisition can meet the requirements. With the rapid development of China’s Internet, both search engines and users are also pursuing the whole, new, fine, these thematic factors. Even ordinary small and medium-sized websites are struggling to find out how to get rich content resources to supplement the new vitality of the website. Don’t even spend thousands of yuan of funds to buy some of the so-called pseudo original software to enhance the value of the content on the website. However, this is only one aspect, and even some large websites have to employ some gunners to improve the quality of the content and improve the overall value of the website, so the importance of the content can be seen.

two: content and search engine

doesn’t know when the search engine is particularly focused on the originality of the content of the site, and the individual thinks it may be about 08 years, and the number of websites at that time is a process of rapid improvement. Countries vigorously popularize the CN domain name building site, 1 yuan domain name to more and more websites flooding, garbage station also arises spontaneously, the network garbage data is also more and more. From this time, the search engine has undergone technological innovations, and more attention has been paid to the originality of the website. If you can make a website before you can make a profit, then it can only be a joke now. But there are more opportunities, challenges and more. The harder it is, the easier it is to make some success. From a certain point of view to analyze, rather than search engines to strengthen the original importance of the site, and later improve the ranking of the site, but also to the original webmaster of a kind of encouragement.

three: search engines and users

search engine is equivalent to a "intermediary platform", the website information index, screening, arrangement, according to the quality of the dedicated users who need this information. And the search engine early user heart has long been ingrained into a dependence, so that small and medium-sized webmaster to develop web site, the first thing to do is to optimize search engines, and then to win more users. Of course, there are times when you don’t necessarily have to. Some of the big web sites can get rid of the built-in search pattern to win users. General >

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