What should the website do now

micro view, now appear in the domestic N more so-called garbage station, may be because of 1 yuan CN domain name appear, but what are these sites,


want Google advertising unit price is high, is English station or financial, financial, but these are the article class site, in addition to the search engine to IP,

basically has no regular client’s.

wanted to do the download station a few years ago, but a friend said, "can you do the sky and the Chinese army for the download station?"

‘s idea was different from what it was then. If you want to be a station, do it,

now the idea is to do stand, there is profit on it. Hey hey – normal! Want to have profits, the site will flow!


personally believes that what can be done now is that there is substantial content to retain part of the customer’s station,.

1. download station. Do download station must have local resources, hotlinking not long! The amount of additional resources every day, so the search engine is friendly.

2. novel station. Because the network novels are updated every day (except TJ, hate, see addiction, but not updated!), this will be updated every day to collect, although hard, but the effect is also good for search engines to the novel the framework should modify the present novel station really is a lot of use are almost the same as the template, this must be modified. (amended will be original! Haha). Novel stand, the hard disk of the server must be large, like my novel station (the star http://s.chvnet.com, literature collection) more than 40000 novels, all of the local resources and take pictures, 200G hard drive,


doesn’t write first, then add


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