Whether can report the telecommunication foundation operator TanCee to report the net example!

recently reported, telecom, Netcom, mobile, Unicom, Railcom and other 5 major telecom operators frequently by its users to direct complaints to the Ministry of information industry, the general situation of Ministry of information industry will help consumers deal by the 5 major telecom operators based injustice and some provisions of the king and illegal behavior.

online there are some people behind the Ministry of information industry, said the good. For Chinese consumers, most of the previous use of fixed line, PHS, broadband, mobile phones and other communications services. Because of the Chinese telecom industry in a monopoly position, when subjected to violations of basic operators, we can only swallow, no complaints.

, but some people say: "this is the information industry’s own work, is what they should do.". There’s nothing to be commended for.

TanCee said: the Ministry of information industry as a leader, the boss gave you things, but you go down the boss’s prestige and deterrence. Can a person who says this act on his head? He can do everything well. It’s good to have a society like china.

, but that’s not the problem, TanCee wrote a complaint letter on the website of the Ministry of information industry a few days ago and received calls from the Ministry of information industry of Beijing on the second day. To verify and understand me, I was charged by netcom.

probes. After a day, always proud of the 10060 Netcom Customer service calls to me, the other side is a little girl, but TanCee does not eat this, asked me about the validity of the phone trap. As soon as we reach an agreement, the validity of the bill is extended for one year.

in the afternoon, Netcom, Nanjing customer service, a telephone call 02510060, told me that the validity of the bill has been extended for a year. However, this customer service woman’s tone is very hard, but also said that this should be the validity of the call, I still seem to be wrong. I had time for the telephone, asked: "bill can be one to two years?" the other manager (actually is a salesman, now called the manager) said: "to, YES, was with the ~ masu." Can’t you blame me?. You woman ~ but don’t be happy, I actually considered before reporting – telecom infrastructure operator Netcom will retaliate against me?

finally got the result at 0 last night: the phone was useless and the ADSL broadband was useless. I was a "lonely island of information". I was sent a text message to my friend because of a recent person at home who was afraid of being personally attacked by netcom. If I had an accident, I would have done it.


here, TanCee raises a question: can we report telecom infrastructure operators, telecom, CNC, mobile, China Unicom, China Tietong,


in the application layer, the big deal is not yours. But there are just a few basic telecom operators

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