Novice must see vigilance website content operation five major mistakes

website content operation is a big and small thing, in most people’s eyes, content operation is equivalent to edit, copy, paste, update. If you run your website content as an editor, and you’re simply busy looking for material, editing and updating every day, you’ll soon get burned. How to do the content of the operation is not a few words can say, but the content of the operation of several major mistakes, and we can share briefly.


How does

do content operations

1, the web site has no specific theme

no web site with a specific topic will not be a successful site. The site is filled with many different topics, such as optimizing knowledge, online marketing technology, the latest technology, travel information, personal hobbies…… The content of the clutter theme will mean that you will never be able to capture a bunch of loyal visitors. Sites without specific topics not only make you unable to get loyal readers, but also make your optimization difficult. Because search engine optimization is actually keyword optimization, and when your site has no specific topic, you don’t have any special keywords.

two, a lot of low quality content,

low quality content is one of the key issues affecting website optimization, blindly collection, pseudo originality is the tomb of each site. You can also try to add your own views to the content of the article. Blindly copy some other people’s ideas, opinions, opinions, results, your site does not have no substantive effect. At the same time, if you want to pick up other people’s articles, don’t forget to add the source of the article and the author, because it is a respect for others.

three, no one can hold on to the heart,

The key thing about

running a successful site is that you need a heart and a passion to stay. A good site, the key is to have an active webmaster, these webmaster, they will always have the idea to share. Some sites begin to decline after a boom, and one of the main reasons is that they don’t insist on a regular update of the site to attract more visitors. If you want to run a successful site and have a loyal group of visitors, it’s not enough to just publish one or two articles a month.

four, used too many technical terms

site content can make our site more authoritative by using technical terms, but it can also be an obstacle to your visitors. Readers want to get information in the shortest possible time through your content, but at the same time they want to have a happy reading environment. A message that is boring and vague to the reader is a torment. If you’re a more skilled site, you can try to describe it in some popular language. At the same time, you can add pictures or videos to the content, which will not only make your content pages more

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