Put alimama ads, be careful Baidu down right

usually have a large part of the site traffic from search engines, and the two largest search engine is Baidu and GG, I want to look at the website shortly before the http://s.okhot.net flow changes in my situation, I suddenly found IP be startled at the flow of less than 100, and since the station has been opened, it only started two months flow in 100, after the flow in more than 1500, I 90% of traffic from Baidu and GG, especially the college entrance examination before and after the traffic is not tens of thousands, why suddenly flow out? Is the site problem


I hastened to contact the network service and check the website, found that the host normal operation, all normal, no link to be attacked, no viruses and Trojans, no illegal information, everything is normal, what is the reason? Then I check the log, found that less than 100 of the IP traffic basically comes from GG. There is no soso, Baidu search traffic, this is strange? People can not only use GG instead of Baidu? Is my site is Baidu blocked? I enter the University web site navigation "in Baidu, I used the net station has been ranked in the top two pages, but now I find I haven’t found the original" University web site navigation website to Baidu search page tenth, it seems the reason here.

flow reduction is found, is right down to Baidu, but why Baidu on my site drop right? I opened this station is now to behave website. Never cheat, I also do not understand how he had to resort to a network, in the online search, a the news caught my attention: "Baidu moving assistant service in September, and in that case as Taobao assistant, detailed steps to teach users how to move to Taobao Baidu online trading platform, Taobao users attitude put in tibet."

will relate to this? I can not help but think of the relationship between Taobao and Baidu: we all know that Google, Baidu, Yahoo is the largest of several search engines, GOOGLE said the acquisition to Yahoo, this is obviously bad for Baidu, Taobao and alimama are Alibaba’s website, and they are Yahoo partner, and alimama for Baidu, and it is an absolute opponent. China currently has more than 80% individual owners in the use of alimama advertising services, University web site navigation is my alimama in September put the ad code, it is because alimama ad code was Baidu right down I? The Internet to find, there are a lot of old like me Baidu down the right, and everyone is suspected because of putting alimama ad code, but I Still don’t believe it.

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