Talking about the U design principles that those stationmaster understand from life


UI design is also known as the user experience degree design, which is currently in the SEO industry has been in pursuit of the webmaster, but how to do well, understand the user, understand what users need, what you want. I believe that the understanding of the user than we ourselves, because we are also "users" in this group of members, SEO webmaster should be from our lives in dribs and drabs, what users need to find,


, for example, take a look at the chart below. Yes, there are two pairs of slippers. Which one would you choose as the user?



of course, if it is the author, I will choose the following pair. The reasons are:

1: two pairs of shoes, warm warm effect compared to the first double double second is not good, whether it is from the outside or upper second material width extension heel length, second double effect is better;

2, waterproof function: the first pair of shoes to see the mountain likelihood the shoes are flannel, but because of this, it does not have any waterproof function, as long as the sole with a little water, the shoes game over



, two commonly used remote control, imagine, if the two remote control in hand, you will feel right for the better, because it will be used in the field of key design users can easily according to the place.

The product design

well, these two pieces of life in the background is to show the SEO UI design should pay attention to:

1, careful


in SEO optimization work, "attention to detail" details "winning" details determine success or failure, such words have many of their number, but there are several SEO webmaster can boldly say that he is 100 percent do? Take the simplest and most commonly used some content update links, need to pay attention to some details:

· the content of authoritative stronger: no typos, sentence;

· attractive enough: the color draws more easily than text, pictures are easier to understand than text, list than description more understandable, more intuitive to form multiple objects for multi-dimensional comparison;

·: content readability: professional terminology, vernacular speaking, more users understand, the habit of adding explanation language does not cost the user time;

and so on, the webmaster as long as the contents of the editorial process, a little attention can be avoided, and so that content page, I believe that many users are accustomed to browsing.

2, intimate

is like the two remote controls mentioned above

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