Not you do not insist.

      for a long time not to write the article, that is, the webmaster said soft wen. Well, a lot of it, in general, comes down to one thing: laziness. Well, not much. Let’s get down to business.

my 5 star composition was officially opened in April 13, 2008 and added some content. As before done some stations, but also used the CN domain name, the effect is not so ideal. So this time I switched to the COM domain name. I don’t know why, everybody knows.

well, begin to add a chapter of the content. Because it is a composition site, so find a lot of such information to fill the content of the web site. But I am a teacher, have colleagues in this area, so I brought my colleague’s composition and put it on the website after typesetting. You can say, I have around 80% of the content, basically all original. Because my request is not very high, the language teacher has evaluated the work, thought that the outstanding work I can publish to the website. At the same time, I also actively find some Chinese language teachers or leaders to let them authorize me. So as to avoid future copyright problems. Of course, it’s done through human relationships. Ha-ha。 Every day, slowly add content, website traffic also got up. At most it was May 18th, and on that day my station, which only opened for more than one month, IP actually reached more than 2600. I’m really happy. But I don’t have to say anything about the past. Usually website IP is also in 1300 to 1700 or so. I’m glad already. Because my station is less than three months. At this level, I think so. After all, it’s only such a short time.

site traffic bigger, it also came, there is a station almost every day to my station to collect the composition, I had published content, they collected the foot. I began to pay attention to this matter, because there was not much content, I did not say anything, just give a little advice, do not do that. That’s not good for me and for him. I didn’t care about anything. But I paid attention to his station. Although I said it. But nobody seems to have taken it seriously at all. I can only save those things on my computer, and I’ll find him again and talk to him about the disadvantages. And the ultimatum: "if you go on like this, I’ll sue you for infringement immediately.". (to tell you the truth, I did print the relevant information at that time and consulted a friend of mine’s lawyer). He said that you sued the service provider first, and closed his station, and then pulled him out and fined him. ) I think it’s all right. But I’d better settle it by peaceful means. Then began earnestly to discourage and enlighten. To illustrate how to deal with it in several instances, he was finally opened. No more collecting what I’m standing on. I was not happy, not disappointed. Because there are so many webmaster friends. You collect other people’s content, you add a link or instructions ah. You do not have. Where is the essence of human nature?

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