Different types of online advertising practices

1, CPC ad general practice

CPC according to the computational cost per click, do Google Adsense advertising should be very clear this model, general domestic CPC click advertising costs much lower than the Google Adsense, so if you want to make a deep study of Google Adsense recommendations on CPC advertising, Google because of the flow of words used for Google or other Adsense the type of advertising revenue is higher.

GG is not cheating to pull! Do not cheat may be K, not to mention cheating, some friends say that their Google Adsense lost confidence or can not apply for the account number, you can try the domestic advertising union. If this is the case that CPC is specifically looking for those advertisements, and the advertisements if very kind of temptation, let a person see a click on the impulse to put ads on your site location can be significant, 100 people in general will be one of the 80 points of view of advertising if you choose and delivery the location is good, a day around 3000IP traffic sites, according to 40 yuan /1000IP clicks a day income to 50 yuan can still.

two, CPM ad general practice

CPM has two kinds: one is the embedded web site advertising, which is another kind of pop ads now IE browser and some software firewall has bulletproof window function, pop-up ads have a chance, so do CPM want to take a little crazy bet you meet in a site with a closed closed end the window is such right, others can do so we can also buy traffic to do so. Here I just said that if you buy traffic, you must confirm the flow of traffic with each other, it is best to let him show you the source of the flow of the site. Because many of them sell fake traffic, they won’t be useful at all, and talk about a good price for traffic, and then you can do experiments.

if you earn more money to buy traffic, then you will be successful CPC and CPM advertising is the use of cheating and cheating on the brush flow software, another is the use of viruses and Trojans to operate, if your website traffic is good, then do harm, must not be too, it is you can add some income for you.

third, CPA, and CPL practices

, CPA, and CPL can actually be said to be basically the same form of advertising and billing, which is calculated after the user has completed an operation. For example, a software to download and install a website, membership registration, a questionnaire or a product trial general CPA and CPL advertising products will not allow users to pay for the operation, and a higher commission, generally from a few cents to a few dollars of normal thinking and practice is in the website plus advertising code, interested users click after the completion of the operation in advertising as a result. This certification rate is very high

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