Hope Maple enterprise official micro-blog ten misunderstandings

is now almost every day to the official micro-blog news, but we should see the operation number of good official micro-blog rarely, why? Here is a summary, ten errors in the operation of the official micro-blog.

1, the official micro-blog only as a news release window.

by micro-blog 140 word length limit, micro-blog is hard to like the company website, blog, news release that is not subject to explain a problem, limit at the same time, micro-blog’s influence depends on the number of fans and the number of the main micro-blog micro-blog forwarded. The news of micro-blog such content, is not suitable for micro-blog to the center of the WEB2.0 technology, there are few friends willing to reprint, more difficult to form a "burst" situation. Even with micro-blog services and marketing company, "Navy" support, the actual transmission range is very limited.

solution: micro-blog, along with official websites, blogs and news campaigns, is an important interactive tool for micro-blog as a news release window.

2, the official micro-blog to illustrate a problem, can write more than one micro-blog.

micro-blog, often found in 140 words can’t clearly explain a problem, many institutions adopt continuous multiple micro-blog approach. In fact, this is very poor readability for your followers and may even cancel your attention. Because he saw every micro-blog can not see, most of the headless, but also with other people concerned about his hair micro-blog mixed together.

solution: say as many as 1 words, 1 things, or one question, and answer by "forwarding" and "commenting". At most two of them are a joint statement. Can be equipped with pictures, video. If this is not enough to explain the problem, you can also publish the news on the official website / blog, and then forward it in micro-blog through summary and link.

3, micro-blog official spokesman for the Mandarin like that hot air can be.

More and more

from the company’s official micro-blog news agency established, some of them put the familiar "Mandarin, words, words used in micro-blog. Such micro-blog, it is difficult to attract the attention of readers, readers in various fields of people, not only news organizations, as well as ordinary Internet users, consulting companies, and even competitors. "Mandarin, cliches, empty words" it is difficult to make them satisfied, and they "comment / forwarding" Questioning in micro-blog, will make the company more passive.

solution: timely response, direct reply, the recognition of errors or deficiencies to admit, and announced rectification measures, please Internet users supervision. The more sincere, the more direct response, the better.

4, the official micro-blog all answer questions, you must ask for leadership.

because of the 24 hour operation of micro-blog, Internet users may raise a variety of problems at any moment, some of which will be very acute, and when many netizens are concerned, if

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