360 search let hard force Adsense see new hope!

from 6.22 on that day, the entire Internet personal website began to abnormal. The first is Baidu included plunged, then the web page is missing, the webmaster forum began restless. Until Baidu released the low quality site announcement, we only know that Baidu should dare to kill no personal website, I know this is just the beginning, but I also silently in my heart said to myself, be okay. But for the next month, the ups and downs. At the beginning, Baidu traffic is not much change, but from the user’s page analysis, you can see, with WWW page keywords ranking has all gone, leaving only without WWW. This situation lasted for a few days, one day, suddenly, I found that all the keywords on Baidu are gone, and my station rankings are gone, and site can not find even the site.

Baidu site home page missing most of the month. However, until today, all the key words of Baidu have never returned. I don’t have any hope for Baidu anymore. My station has always been Baidu traffic accounted for half of the other traffic accounted for half. Baidu flow no, update the chain have no power. These days, bored check the flow, surprise discovery, the source of the engine inside, even more out of the "360 web search", and suddenly accounted for 30%, my God, 360, how on-line, so cattle B?. Is my hope coming again? Can we survive without relying on Baidu? 360 reliable,


according to their years of Internet experience, the Baidu name is in order to purify the network environment and a wider ban personal website, Baidu is actually selfish, all of Baidu’s own point of interest. Last year I wrote this article: Baidu search for SEOer audit manual participation facing unemployment article, did not expect this June India test! In fact Baidu search has been with the artificial intervention site search ranking, he can even kill any website directly. Other search engines, such as Google, are generally believed to be fair search, but unfortunately sometimes they can not be opened. The author’s personal website is a pure ecological program "Mao Hongliang personal website management system" by the domain name maohongliang.com is the author of the program even the 100 percent of the program sites were strangled by Baidu. Is my personal station also collected, or is not the original station,


, once again that Baidu search injustice, the Baidu algorithm all blocked and filtering of the 80% personal website, a time of the webmaster forums are talking about these topics, from June 22nd until today, nearly 3 months, Baidu’s algorithm is still strict, website ranking drop, completely removed collected and so on.

webmaster many are relying on the Baidu website in life, Baidu alliance, is how the nostalgia of the Internet era, but this time can’t go back. Water can carry a boat, can also capsize, Baidu.

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