Dong Jiangyong talk about the future trend of the industry internet

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Anhui Internet Alliance has been to the forty-first period, the period of guest Dong Jiangyong, President of Beijing excellent media, master of management science and engineering, a former director of NASDAQ listed companies Sohu (Nasdaq:SOHU), IT IT network channel reporter of channel editor, is one of the representative of the Internet and media circles in the new generation. In 2007, as an angel investor, she participated in the work of Bianews website. At present, the website has quickly become China’s largest network editing media platform, and has great influence both inside and outside the industry.

in addition, Dong Jiangyong also serves as the Consultant position of dozens of well-known Internet Co in China, and provides decision-making references for these companies in process reengineering, product design, technical improvement and marketing promotion.

, four group is full (2000 people) is full, the webmaster can add 500 new people, new five group: 39463377 free to attend but please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in at any time.

below is the transcript of this lecture:

Hello, I’m Dong Jiangyong. 79 years. 98 years before access to the Internet, 99 years in college, did several websites, in Wuhan a little bit famous. Later, to study in Beijing for 2001-2003 years, basically tired of the course, did not do the site. It was not until the SARS epidemic in 2003 that the Internet was closed because there was nothing to do. He wrote a bit of a mess because he was seen by the editor in chief of the Sohu who was preparing for the Internet news. Karma, the Sohu IT to do a PT staff, before re contact the internet. But Sohu is already a sizable site, although I stayed there for three years. But compared to many webmaster, I just do a specific job. There is no overall responsibility for the experience, so today to communicate with you, my experience in the Sohu to do things or lessons can be said to be useless. So I come here with a study attitude, and I’m sorry to hear that, please forgive me, and we are contending together.

after 06 years of leaving the Sohu, I did something for my livelihood. But the heart still has the media plot of the Internet and the plot of the stationmaster, so when we have a little time in hand, we are involved in the work of several websites, including Bianews.

among them, Bianews is the website that network edits this profession. So when the host asked me what was appropriate, I casually said "the future of the Internet industry website".

above is a brief introduction to my personal experience and why I’m talking about it. Don’t talk much, begin.

on what is an industry website, there are various definitions on the internet. From the point of view of the webmaster, I think there is a line of business, field, profession

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