Borrow ten thousand pieces of website, destined to be a personal webmaster for a lifetime

just graduated, some time ago has been busy work things, for a long time did not write anything, and many have been familiar with the webmaster friends did not contact. But now I teach in college and have lots of free time, so I decided to return to the familiar stage of the stationmaster.

speaking of returning to this familiar webmaster stage, excitement, can not help but sad.

one, borrow 10000 pieces of rental server, establish the first movie station

started building my first stop in February 2006, out of interest in the film, when I chose to be a movie station. See other owners 05 years of harvest, especially in mind was fever, do not understand the technical circumstances, like teachers and friends borrowed $5000 to rent half of 100M exclusive server, then 100M alone into 2200 a month rent (behind listen to friends that I was knocked down a lot). When you rent a good server, my site about one day only sanwubo traffic, nothing fundamental advertising, thinking of a skylight would cost nearly 80 dollars, the heart began to scared, but the money has been to, no way, anyway, and from that time began to push the wide road crazy.

in the first half of 2006, I basically soak every day in Baidu post bar, 8 hours, non-stop posting, non-stop top paste. Smooth viewing effect, coupled with hard publicity, effort does not pay attention to people, after two months of efforts, the site traffic to about 7000. And these two months, I have lost 4000. Fortunately, catch the last bus promotion, from the beginning of the second month, the monthly advertising revenue remained at around 5000, of course, good times don’t last long July 2006,, stopped the user registration promotion a 10 block. No Taobao advertising, suddenly lost faith in the future, naturally not rented server, then it can’t see the movie movie station (just add movie introduction, rely on Baidu to flow to get advertising revenue.

two, the movie station based Daoteng web site

At the beginning of 07,

was again hot headed into the torrent of web sites. When do is flow exchange site, by the webmaster and other mutual Daoteng flow. Because there is not much money into advertising, the film station will flow through the floating layer of advertising, all directed to the site. At the same time, in order to ensure the interest of joining the website, my own movie station does not join the ranking. Later, people are more and more join the flow shift to more than 40 thousand IP.

but that kind of website doesn’t have any special value because it doesn’t keep people at all. The visitor is basically tempted to order once, then click around or close the page directly. In order to attract them to click on the page in the connection name, have changed very hot, this website has repeatedly been network monitoring requirements stop rectification. 07 years in April, unfortunately had appendicitis, had to sell the station for treatment.


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