Master a few key words, ranking Baidu home is not a myth

Baidu is a major battlefield of network marketing, how to make their product keywords do home page, beyond the opponent. Today, we will use actual combat experience and analysis together.

1. website construction is the cornerstone of optimization.

a good site planning for the late maintenance and optimization of the site is essential, without it as a cornerstone, and later will do very tired, but no effect. Including site selection procedures, structure of website design, website planning, optimization of the web page code, these professional knowledge do not analyze today.

The importance of home page of

website. We can know very clearly, Baidu included the degree of attention to the site’s home page, we each find a keyword, the company’s home page will show in front of us, will be of considerable importance for the design from this page. The home page is the site of the entrance, we in the planning must pay attention to the following points,


1.1 navigation bar must be clear. From the visitor’s point of view, the clear structure of the guide will be a great convenience for the website. Maybe we’ve opened some of the company’s websites and got a little lost, which would be a bad experience for visitors. In addition, Baidu included the machine also love clear navigation, because it is more convenient for him to crawl, smooth, your site included more quickly. Therefore, I suggest that you must not use FLASH for navigation and guidance, do not use too many JS control.


1.2 page must be rich. A visitor from the corner, many people have the habit of using the mouse, the visitors hope was clearly in a home page to know your website whether he needs information need, and information about your business, such as the qualification and production capacity. Moreover, Baidu included machines, for a page rich home page, just like a meal, it will force to absorb your site link, included your page, that will be great for ranking. So I think, the home page of the website should display your most advantageous products and services, and show the advantages of your products fully. Special emphasis, regardless of your company big and small, the website must "news center" and "industry information" two major content section, and display information each not less than 8. This reason will be further analyzed in the following.

Daily maintenance of

2. website.

, we can assume that a web site in 08 years of design on-line, without any maintenance and updates, and its site keywords, may be on Baidu’s home page? Impossible. Because the basic idea of Baidu search is to give users the best online information — the latest, the most authoritative. So, we are well aware of the importance of a site ranking effect and updating.

insists on being original. The author’s services are small and medium enterprises, I deeply understand that a news center, for small and medium-sized enterprises, there is not much to report, but this can not be

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