Use QQ mutual stepping program to help your website day P1000

two days ago saw a lot of SEO articles on the web site, hoping to put their web site "53N Chinese dietary health network" popularity to improve. The reason is that "", a domain name that is so catchy, is less than one hundred per day. It’s really hard to understand. Maybe it’s the first time we’ve been involved. Think that as long as there is content, you can not promote.

but it turns out I was wrong. Despite the important content, but if not promotion, your site is not known. So I looked for it in Admin5 and Chinaz, and saw a lot of SEO about diet and health websites. Found that many people will only say that using QQ space to promote. Everyone knows that using QQ space is a good way to promote, but how to use QQ space, but no one says. So I thought of the experience when I was stepping on the space. It was good. I used the QQ space to step on each other to improve the space access.

preparation: you must keep the space ready, such as the character signature, because the character signature can only be written, so you do not directly add URL, you need to write a description of your site keywords, for example, I just use "53N" "diet" and "health" of the three keywords, then add "53N.NET". Master second modified is the message board, personally feel that the best, because it can bring the link. In general, we use QQ to step on each other to increase traffic and messages. How to attract people to leave a message, it depends on how you master there is a temptation, I do not have to say that everyone should know, such as a XX image. But remember to add your hyperlink to the picture. Otherwise it will be in vain.

implementation stage: pre prepared, then go out, landing several domestic large QQ space each step on the program website, the website is not sent, search there, if not you can send me an email I sent to you (

the final stage: the most important thing is content with updates, every day a fixed update several articles "original" article, to ensure that your site has 1000IP traffic daily. Finally, here, thank you 53N China dietary health network webmaster, and all the contributions to Admin5 for the webmaster, you hard


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