Share 100 days PR value from 0 to 3 experience


Google (PR) is being updated, thanks to the support of friends and help, I worked for the Beijing Tourism Talent Network PR one hundred days to 3, exactly 105 days, if you remove the middle do not take care of time, only less than 70 days. It’s a small success, huh?. Yesterday, when I opened the site, I was shocked, PR from 0 to 5, I can not believe my eyes, refresh several home page, or 3, has not changed, there are some pages become 1 or 2, it’s strange,


then went to see a friend’s film and television website, only to know that the original PR update. Because the Google reverse link and Google (PR) is updated at the same time, so I use Google webmaster tools to check the reverse link, before the Google reverse link for the 40, but now has 126, is a true.

was excited about the day yesterday because it was the first time he had seen the PR update, but he was a little confused and could not believe it. Until today, I dare say, dare to write this article about the PR update, I think every time Google (PR) update, there will be some people like someone sad. PR rose is naturally happy, but did not rise will ask why! No matter how Google rating, I think there is always a reason, you suspect that it should study it, after all, PR is being fancy.

although not what, but still want to talk about the network snapshots one hundred days to 3 PR experience, personal feeling is very meaningful, and we share together. Here’s what I’ve done:

choose a foothold, stick to it: include the name of Beijing tourist talent, content. Template, thing, name and introduction of tourism talents do not easily change frequently update: make your site full of vitality, full of vigour to submit to each big site search engine, web directory and related aggregation sites: the new station will do the job exchange Links started, only the exchange of 10: we should pay attention to the relevance and quality, slowly eat hot tofu, stopping and message: daily work, let you advocate more, I do a general in Baidu know answer questions, leave the appropriate link, is helpful to the flow, but also can increase the reverse link.

BBS promotion: the best way to use, but I’m not good long bubble BBS, so useless, I’ll learn in the future, do not do well, next time Google (PR) update, my PR will jump 5, ha ha.

that’s all. To be honest, I don’t think I did it well, and I had the idea to give up, but at last I persevered. It was faith that helped me. Because www.648.nfo was born with me the same day, so I must love myself and love it. Since Google has given me a PR3 rating, I should be able to afford it. It’s definitely something for me

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