Several new ideas of personal website development

I just a little webmaster, recently on the Internet personal webmaster group development speed with this word, hope the webmaster friends do not make fun of, what advice and listen to me,


now Chinese personal website whether local portal is innumerable, forum, almost have reached a certain degree of saturation, to dispose of this piece, there is no good or excellent creative technology and promotion is not feasible, I was inspired by this, had to think about the future development. Of course, today I only talk about the construction and content of the website, it may involve a bit of website optimization, I hope you don’t mind.

first, I think the personal website should be fine, play their own brand, and the brand can have enough influence in the local domain, as a local well-known advertising company, Everfount can attract local user groups, to the local portal site as an example, in addition to providing local real-time information outside, can also provide an exchange place for the majority of users, like network owners will hold some activities to the webmaster friends, local portal can also invite local enterprises to participate in some meetings so as to develop the local economy on the grounds, to promote the website communication with enterprises, in order to consolidate user groups, to expand the influence.

of course, fine website, may put forward higher requirement of industry website, in addition to the website’s construction to consider the user experience, can also be used in cooperation with enterprises, such as industry website, of course is to collect the related information for the main industry, so we can cooperate with enterprises, these the information integration process after the demand for information to enterprises, so that enterprises can also save a lot of time in business operations, and integration of information is the webmaster friends believe that the strengths of it, so that as long as the enterprise profit, webmaster friends will not be hungry, oh


second, for some users based portal, will consider a site in English version or version three or more versions, to facilitate foreign friends to understand the local information and the characteristics of Chinese, and Chinese’s influence in the world is expanding, more and more foreigners want to know more about China. I believe this will give the webmaster friends to bring a lot of traffic, of course, server and website translation is not a small problem Oh


finally, as personal webmaster, I don’t think I should not just to make money so simple, we should study and to enrich and improve themselves through the network platform, so I hope to have time to do not understand the webmaster friends to the construction charge, so that when the site problems you can solve also, you can modify according to the experience of the user at any time to make the website, even create a unique style of the website, more sophisticated and professional website. Otherwise, you can imagine that there are a lot of websites in China, but there are few people who really understand the technology

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