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WeChat is currently the most widely used marketing, service and communication tools, both individuals and enterprises, WeChat placed in the first step of the marketing matrix. The basic purpose of WeChat’s operation is to raise fans, and then realize the marketing goal imperceptibly. WeChat’s operations are broadly divided into three areas: WeChat promotion, scene design and interactive communication.

, whether it’s promotion or interaction, should be based on scenarios and user behavior. Here, let’s share some experience with WeChat’s scenario design.


: WeChat’s marketing value is closer to the example and timely communication between users, to achieve "face to face", will be able to get feedback and timely data in the information dissemination process, including the extraction requirements, explore strategies, adjust the marketing mode and direction, greatly improve the marketing cost management. Many operators are in "man-machine interactive" unilateral output information, ignoring WeChat is "face to face" of everyone interaction.

interaction is the most important scene, a very practical example: street vendors are more suitable for bestie guangzhebangzi to eat barbecue, drink beer, talking about the stock and women; the cafe can quietly read a book, listen to a piece of music, the business can also be self-assured or supercilious…… Just imagine, in Starbucks guangzhuobangzi, large Mocha drained, it is not fully and delightfully, want not to think of the scene. Therefore, the scene is based on human nature and habits, stimulate the subconscious settings.

skips the most basic WeChat locations: names, micro signals, avatars, profiles, customer service, functions, and usage. The WeChat public’s guided scene consists of the following sections:

1. Welcome to the scene

good greeting can let users have the feeling of brief encounter, the greeting is mainly embodied in 3 points:

1, WeChat personified.



WeChat anthropomorphic

scene design

2, easy to understand what WeChat does.


WeChat synopsis scene design

3, clear and smooth browsing reminder settings.

two, menu guide scenario

The main thing about the

menu setting is clarity and simplicity. Many WeChat operators make menus very complicated. Look at the following examples.


micro Yantai · simple and clear WeChat menu design


concise WeChat menu design


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