Webmaster friend can you say you dare to persist, you don’t succeed

is a network called "hedgehog" with a QQ webmaster friends in a few days before the knife published "personal webmaster network business is not lack of funds and technology", in the QQ with the friend for a simple exchange. The friend thought that the knife is misleading everybody webmaster friend, he said: "all said the stationmaster must persist, but does not have the fund, does not have the technology, if the direction is wrong, insisted more far away from the success."

finding directions is more important than blind effort. If you’re headed in the wrong direction, your attitude is good, but you’ll still fail. It’s true. But the fact is, for the personal webmaster, the funds, technology, and the correct direction and success path are not prepared in advance, all thinking mature. Then use our funds, use our technology, and follow the path of success in the right direction. The direction and the way are also rushed out, fumble, many times, many successful individuals standing in the station before, is not sure that he will succeed.

the so-called practice of genuine knowledge, for personal Adsense, as long as there is perseverance and perseverance, can persevere, your efforts will always be rewarded. Admin5 in the primary station training, a friend asked, I do not know what the game will be played, even HTML do not know what I can do to stop it? The answer is yes, you don’t know the answer has already been given the answer, not HTML, go online to search, tutorial a bunch of flowers, a week’s time, the commonly used label usage remember OK, don’t understand, never mind, the Internet is more mature CMS, generally have a free version, for individual owners do not use enough, don’t worry, the official will provide a detailed tutorial…… You have to believe that you can find any answers to any problems you encounter, and the only answer is how to consistently promote your site.

so many webmaster in the country, why most of the unsuccessful?. There are no more than two reasons. One is that there is no deep understanding of the industry before entering the market, and that it is difficult to change careers. Two even if did not give up, has been wandering and hesitation in "explain away" in the webmaster path.

The direction of the

is becoming clearer and clearer in the exploration. For many webmaster friends at the beginning, the experience and the level of cognitive limitations, the exploration period will have a period of time, in this period of exploration, we may doubt about yourself or your site do not worry, this is normal, is a must. Swimming time, most people have a mouthful of water, not afraid of choking the water, afraid of choking water afraid of the water; when skating, most people have a process, not afraid of wrestling wrestling, but after wrestling never put on skates.

‘s thoughts are a little confused. The above is just a knife for the "hedgehog" view, to explain their views, in the final analysis, has entered the line, want to make friends in this industry, "dare to firmly."

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