The key to the website’s success is the choice of keywords

first said, the choice of keywords should be roughly planned before the site, the choice of keywords directly affect the late development of the site, the site’s traffic and user conversion rate. We know the effect of narrow sense is the list of search keywords, how to make search results before, the same is how to optimize your keywords, below by keyword selection strategy, selection of commonly used keyword tools, design description, title and keywords for your website is improved.

first formulate keyword strategy, not impetuous. Strategy errors can lead to a lot of wasted time and effort, and it’s better to take some time to fully study design strategies, and even to experiment at Level 3 or other pages, and then start doing it.

We want to make clear their own user group

first, first of all you need to know what you promote the products which are users, search engine marketing has been many large companies as a very important strategy, is because the Internet has millions of potential users can be developed, such as a website I compare decoration company decoration company in Beijing the conversion rate will be higher than.

check your website statistics system and analyze which keywords give you the most traffic now. Where do they link to your website?. Analysis of other sites in the same industry which uses keywords, summed up, and then set out the number of high frequency words, communicate with your colleagues or friends ask them in the search time will naturally choose what to do for the keyword, such as: "decoration company" can see online decoration industry the most heated discussion is "Beijing decoration company" or "decoration company" that appear more frequently, so as to effectively select.

in the development of keywords, when we have chosen about one hundred sets of keywords, we are bound to the screening, select appropriate, so we should choose? Here we extend a set of keywords as examples:

secondly, select keywords, often use some tools

, GoogleSuggest, Google, Adwords are good, we can effectively use the Google bidding advertising to select the keywords you need, this tool provides us with related vocabulary summary. When you search for the "decoration", he will be related to sorting and 4 months of the total number of search list, the average amount of search statistics, the level of competition to be displayed, is a very good tool.

, we can also refer to the Baidu billboard, review the list every day, and select the keywords of your website according to the hot news. These ranking messages contain a large number of traffic resources, depending on how you make the best use of them.

, finally, the design of the description, title and key words

In front of

, we talked in detail about how to filter keywords and give a practical question about how we can do "decoration" first

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