Web2.0 community forum wise remark of an experienced person

now the major web portals are attention to the construction of the forum, as early as 2006 had put forward the idea of Web2.0, as one of the forum mode on behalf of web2.o, has been recognized by everyone. Common to build a forum now what is not difficult, how to attract visitors to ask everyone is most concerned about. I also engaged in the forum management, introduce some wise remark of an experienced person to communicate with you, I hope. The most important of the forum is four words: interactive content.

1. forum to attract users have their own place, some forum beautiful pictures, video as a hot passion to attract the people, this is only to attract people is only a superficial, increase traffic, retain some Langyou, if your forum repeated complaints, attention or supervisor personnel, I think your forum the day is not better than.

2. is the best way to increase their own articles of forum, users favorite things open classification channels, generally people will love the main forum several sections: 1. press 2, 3 beautiful pictures, 4. military photography hobby 5. outdoor activities.6. animation game. Of course, this is popular, do the comparison of pan. Also, there is an industry forum, such as movies, movie information, or medical, or shopping forum. These have focused on this kind of user specific content. The movie website forums such as the will power movie online watch, download the address of the film comment.

An important problem how to improve the ability of 3.

members and administrators to manage the quality and management of the Forum: the forum users are boring and vent, some people will be yellow, or to fight, or to hype themselves, these are. In order to improve the quality of community members, to strengthen management, to two guide them to send a good article, certainly their hobbies, listen to the opinions of the users of the community forums, good to adopt, improve the user experience. In addition, from time to time by some Spoof or star speculation or prizes, or virtual honor to attract netizens.

4. finally, BBS member, with the amount of visits, you can consider advertising in the BBS to make money, do brand. And big website or BBS link, exchange resources.

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