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him to the model of online marketing and offline, such products are currently the main means of promotion in the Internet are: text + pictures, post publicity, experience publication, website optimization, website cooperation promotion etc.. Text + picture is the basic display method of web page, which is equivalent to "display" in ground terminal 4P. Besides the product photos, it is popular now, and the usage and effect of the product are also compared. You can see my scar net.

online shopping Optimization: This is based on the characteristics of the Internet, as well as consumer online shopping in general form of search to do, belong to SEO (search engine optimization) part. In this way, you can make your online shop in the customer search related products and keywords, can row more before, more easily be found.


website to promote cooperation because will have the higher advertising costs, are generally manufacturers to do brand promotion, website cooperation high popularity of large flow, in addition to banner advertising, as well as a detailed project page, trial distributed, effectiveness of knowledge dissemination online promotion of cooperation means.


soft propaganda methods: good news: the scar network to celebrate the forum upgrade is complete, thank you for the support of scar! Now special offer promotions launched 580 sets of Maca scar combinations (Maca scar scar cream essence glue + Maca) Limited promotions, a price is 238 yuan, now a special offer only 156 yuan, a course of treatment (2 sets) have special offer. 2 courses, free courier fees. The amount is limited and sold out.

we solemnly promise, satisfaction, 100% false, a loss of ten

is the combination of the transformation of Maca scar, the Nobel prize in medicine, is a professional high-tech products by removing scar, scar glue and essence essence of Maca Maca extract after treatment completely fade, no recurrence, no rebound. Maca scar portfolio now special offer true promotions, satisfactory in 100%, we solemnly promise: leave one with ten.

recently I found that the emergence of some fake consumer fraud, malicious, even without my company product adverse competition, malicious low-cost consumer fraud, in order to safeguard the interests of consumers, please note that the only company is written: Internet access.

hereby declare that our company is not responsible for the loss caused by the mistake of the customer since the announcement. This activity only the registered members of the forum, has nothing to do with the purchase of the activities of the network in other network website! Scar has the power of final interpretation!!!

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Maca scar

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, this is a small woman for the web site written a soft text, just go into the line, please give more advice! Welcome to major websites reprint this article, but please keep our web site, thank you!!!

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