Training has become the biggest breakthrough point of local talent website profit

in the three talent website to seize high-end talent network market, regional talent websites have sprung up everywhere. There are a large number of successful local talent website operators, in recent years, how to change the industry model of improved single charging mode, to seek new profit point has been an important development direction of local talent website, and "education and training" this feature greatly enhances the profitability. In our communication with Changde talent webmaster, the new path of profitability for talent website also has a clear understanding.

1: the traditional single charge model

at present, most of the local talent websites in the country adopt the same charging mode: enterprise service charge. According to the service period and advertising mode, take the monthly, annual, picture, recruitment and other fees. This way occupies more than 90% of the current local talent website revenue sources, and in addition, a small number of headhunting services can also expand a certain business. My survey of the more well-known local talent website is basically the case.

How does

break this single model and jump out of the enterprise fee limit? Let’s talk about one of the features that we can see on every web site: education and training.

two: training industry status

training industry since 1980s, rooted in China’s land, followed by China’s economic growth along the way, entered in twenty-first Century, its development has mushroomed. In recent years, the development of China’s training industry has shown great vitality because of the pressure of employment competition and so on. At present, China’s training industry is entering a period of rapid development, and various training institutions are experiencing explosive growth. China’s various training institutions have reached hundreds of thousands, and English, IT and children’s education have become the three pillars of the training industry. Education and training market segments, including early childhood education, higher education, vocational education, various types of off campus training and educational technology industries, are growing at a rate of around 20%.

therefore, various training domestic enterprises also make people too busy to attend to all through various, print media and television media, we can naturally counted out several well-known enterprises training.

three: local talent network accurate demand crowd

is calculated according to a city of millions of population, we investigated many well-known sites, the number of each site resumes they are more than 50 thousand, most of which are active resume users, and as a coastal line developed city, the number of resumes is even more startling. In these job seekers, publicity and education training project is extremely accurate, many job seekers in order to seek a better position, there are "charged" needs through training, so the talent site will undoubtedly become the best communication channels.

four: local talent network training pros and cons

audience precise, many local talent network has begun to stir up, >

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