Station a month summary and experience

a month is really not worth mentioning for the growth and development of a website, but a month for a website but is very important, especially for the first month of the website is more important, why? Because it is related to the search engine is included and included many pages, keyword selection is accurate, it is more important for the grassroots webmaster like us, directly affect our mood and the next step. The first battle is not good, directly affecting morale, and the next work will be more difficult to layout and carry out.

I’m just a novice, though is also concerned about the establishment of knowledge, but there is no systematic research and careful study, I just according to the little knowledge I learned in the webmaster online, then a simple and obscure application on my website. Of course, I do not know whether it is correct, but I I like to think that the novice, as long as the courage to try, what better than overcautious didn’t do much better, even if the wrong should not be discouraged, as Edison for filament like, at least it tells us that this approach is not feasible.

I’m just an amateur, usually some lazy, so not too much time and energy spent in this way, more afraid to update the content, I know that this is the biggest taboo for the website, but these did not lessen my love for the website, for I had abandoned the news (the state will not let people do), etc. integrated needs some time lots of updates to keep the vitality of the web site, directly chose a small class in an industry to do, I thought if I could put this thin even through ODA cultivation, successful, so I according to the hands of resources chose the game, a small class in the game.

After the

website set up, the first thing to do is to choose keywords, I want to choose keywords not too cold to choose too hot, too cold not hot search rankings to go up not to go, so I chose a small game name as the main keywords, specifically what I did not say, Baidu index is about 5000, of course, I now know that the Baidu index is 5000 words to me a little hot. I used the software to check the, now Baidu for me in 650 pages or so, I want to find it in Baidu, I think of a word: look for a needle in the ocean. But I don’t want to give up, I want to insist on a period of time to see, at least to do keyword ranking will be 3 to 6 months to see results, now only 1 months, I think if a certain time and place row not up, I’ll try to change the keywords cold spots.

other time in addition to simply modify the code and page, a great deal of work is used in the so-called promotion, promotion methods used are many, but most of them are from Adsense online to learn, and then combined with their actual situation, do some simple adjustment. Some of the methods used here are also some commonly known methods, of course, some of these methods

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