Several problems to be understood before buying Station Trading

recently, due to a series of reasons, such as Baidu’s slow time and slow down, there are a lot of relatively sufficient funds, but the lazy friends who start from scratch are beginning to prefer to buy. Buy a website, change the theme of the website directly, then begin to do. This method is actually good, and most importantly, it saves time. To tell you the truth, it’s a real hassle to make a stop from the beginning, especially if you have to wait for the first half of the month, and uncle BD is here to hang you. Recently bought several stations on ADMIN5, there are successes and failures, today to write out experience to share. Before buying the station, we must understand the following problems, otherwise we can only eat the Coptis chinensis….

first: buy Baidu included domain name. Much now.

the most important thing is to look at the snapshot, snapshot in three days is the best, if you really want, you can put it within seven days of appropriate. Because sell Baidu included many meters are CN, most of them are registered a lot, find a machine, hang a group, point connection, etc included. If a station Baidu snapshot more than fifteen days, then I suggest not to buy for the time being. Such a station, but buy, it is estimated that you have to update for a long time in order to respond. So it’s better not to make trouble for yourself.

Another important observation point for

is to look at it from the SEO side. Baidu included meters, it is best to go to www.archive.rg/web/web.php, check the history of the website, to see what he did before. Check reverse connection to see if there is no mass or group construction case (recently many people use mass software included), if mass included. Then I suggest you don’t buy it, because it means when it’s K.

second: buy the old station, we must first look at their strength.

buy old station, the most important thing is to see whether they have the strength to operate, you buy after can make money, this is the most important, never mind a hot buy. Today, just above A5, a friend said he wanted to get married and wanted to sell his old station for two years. The monthly income is about two thousand yuan. And the brother’s key words are connected to the channel pages of the major portals, and they do look good. And the website is full of beauty, too.

the brother charges four to fifty thousand… Not to mention the high price of the price, I would like to ask, which brother would like to buy a website, two years after the operation to earn money back, as now the best situation?. Jan two thousand. Two thousand and four hundred, two years a year to earn capital.. I don’t think the grassroots would do it like that,


remember Ding Lei once said: the Internet is changing too fast, we never made three years after the plan, we only half a year after the plan comes out! Here to buy the station, is your own operation ability, some brothers often see a fire station, selling station person can immediately buy the past profit etc.. As soon as the brain gets hot, many people buy it. Result。。。 Only you know. What I want to say is: before buying the station, you must not overheat your mind. You must see your own cost and see your operation capability.


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