New sites quickly let Baidu included method


now to the railway station is more and more difficult, and included speed is getting slower, some websites built from the collection of takes twenty days to a month’s time, this for your webmaster is really suffering, I would say that a new station with a fast search method to Pastebin today.

we all know, at present, Baidu included new station time is generally between twenty days to a month, this time for the general web site included. While Baidu has been included for station is not the same, generally much shorter period of time, in the chain and often have new content generally ranging from ten days a few days, some even are updated every one or two days. Can think of, and if we use a Baidu has been included in the domain name as a station, Baidu included new station of the speed is much faster.

I had as a group of domain names, because of much use, so want to sell him, in some forum sent to sell the domain name, did not think over a period of time was collected, is one of them (in order to prevent all thought AD) so make this one website. We can site a little.

so you can try before you do the station, first point to a space domain name, and then to the domain name to establish some outside the chain, so after a period of time, the domain name was included.


method for those stations quickly is not suitable for people, but you can put your own domain name without first pointing to a web site, which can speed up the collection, but also can increase the domain name included age. Site URL

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